NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

The Adventure Begins – Acceptance Letter Received Wed. May 6

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I’ll be covering our adventure so far with NYC public schools gifted and talented program (GAT) with specific emphasis on District 2 within the New York City public school system. Our child is currently in the pre-K program at a NYC public school downtown.  We rec’d a notice from our child’s pre-K regarding an assessment (OLSAT and BRSA exams) our child would take in February 2009.  Of course, being the over zealous NYC parents we’ve become over the past few months since moving here we reviewed the OLSAT training material given by the DEO as quickly as possible.  OLSAT Testing day came around and our child came home and said “they said I did good”….we weren’t quite sure what to make out of that one. Did our she REALLY do well? Or did the test facilitator just tell our child that so they would feel good about herself Of course at that point it was 20 questions to our child…”how exactly did they say you did? what was the tone? was the test giver nice? did they smile?” We thought these were legitimate questions to throw upon a 4 year old; after all they seemed much easier for our child to come by then some of the questions on the OLSAT and BRSA.

Several weeks past…still no response from the NYC public schools on the status of the gifted and talented program.  I checked the web site 3 to4 times a day…still no updates. Then one day it appeared that the acceptance letters and results of the test for the NYC public school gifted and talented program would be mailed out the first week of May. We waited patiently and then the envelope appeared.

I cautiously opened the results with the expectation of both extremes….99% to 90%….since there was nothing below a 90% in my mind! Our child made it and got into the 90-96% of the children who took the NYC public schools gifted and talented exam. We were SO proud but now what? What do we do? NYC public schools doesn’t offer any gifted and talented program at our child’s pre-K PS school nor at the neighboring PS schools within walking distance. We immediately found the schools that offered the NYC public school gifted and talented  program our child would be able to attend. That’s what caused the birth of this blog….I’ve past the point of “involved parent” to “NYC neurotic parent”….and I can pinpoint the moment…when I opened the envelope. The hopes, dreams and great education …the hopes of the American dream being available for my child was an immediate since of pride and relief….although I don’t want to live vicariously through my child. Oh yeah, I can’t forget about the private school tuition that I now don’ to pay for. 🙂

The next few enteries will chronicle our adventures as we “tour” the several NYC public schools gifted and talented programs around Manhattan. We’ve done 2 so far and it’s been interesting to say the least. Stay tuned…

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