NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Other Parents Perspectives on the NYC G&T Program for NYC Public Schools

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We’ve spoken to other parents who’s children got accepted to the NYC G&T program for the New York City Public Schools.  It’s interesting to hear other parents speak about the NYC gifted and talented schools and their thoughts on the testing for the OLSAT and BRSA exams given to 4 year olds.

Overall, the parents we spoke with LOVED P.S. 77 Lower Lab school on the UES.  For us, it just had to do with logistics and getting to the UES in time for school to begin. Even in a cab, it would take 20-25 minutes minimum to get up there – and that’s on a good day. We didn’t meet any parents for the NYC G&T program that visited P.S. 217 on Roosevelt Island. Let’s get for real, would I really want to go through the nightmare that it would take to get to Roosevelt Island? Pardon my ignornance, but I didn’t even realize Roosevelt Island was part of Manhattan. I was a little shocked to see that particular school on the list.

The parents we spoke with had the same pros and cons about the G&T programs for each of the NYC public schools gifted and talented programs we visited.

As mentioned before, here’s a GREAT comparison site for NYC public schools – where you can compare all the NYC gifted and talented schools in District 2 for NYC public school system. It allows you to type in 2 schools and compare them side-by-side. We found this extremely helpful when comparing the list of NYC G&T schools in District 2.

Here’s the link.

  1. P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  2. P.S. 126 Jacob Augst Riis NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  3. P.S. 124 Yung Wing NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  4. P.S. 130 Hernando De Soto NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  5. P.S. 11 William T. Harris NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  6. P.S. 111 Adolph S. Ochs NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  7. P.S. 77 Lower Lab School NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
  8. P.S. 217 / I.S. 217 Roosevelt Island NYC Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program
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Please email me at if you have questions about the NYC G&T program. Michael

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First of all: Lower Lab is indeed the best district G&T program you can find. I can tell you this from my own experience since my child has been going to Lower Lab. Now, I am a resident of Roosevelt Island, too. The commute is not as horrible as you make it sound like. For us getting from the island to Lower Lab on 95th St is a 40 minute door-to-door event using public transportation only. It is not that bad. Unfortunately, you will not have a lot of control over what school the DOE eventually assign to your child. Anything below 99 (definitely below 98) will not give you a spot at Lower Lab.

Anyway, if for whatever reasons your child does end up with a placement at PS 217 you should think twice before you reject it. There are worse schools in district 2 you may end up with.

Comment by Joe

Thanks for the info on P.S. 77 Lower Lab Gifted and Talented Program part of NYC public schools. As I stated, the reason we didn’t select Lower Lab as a top choice is because of our location of where we live. It would be quite a commute and in the end not worth the extra 3-4 hours a day in transit to/from the school. The parents we spoke with about Lower Lab Gifted and Talented were quite impressed and had nothing but great things to say about the school. We live in Battery Park City on the Hudson River so getting to the UES is quite a task and chore – especially in the morning rush hour commute.

I have nothing personal against PS 217 Gifted and Talented other than the fact of the location and proximity to where we live. As stated before, I honestly didn’t know Roosevelt Island was even part of Manhattan until I Googled it. I’ve never even been to Roosevelt Island so therefore have no personal experience pertaining to the island or P.S. 217 or Roosevelt Island.

Comment by skipper646

I leave in Rooselvet Island and yes it is part of Manhattan. Obviously you don’t know, but Roosevelt Island is one, yes one stop from 63rd/lex on the F train and you also can get there by tram (which is located at 59th and second), a wonderful fun for any child to travel for 4 minutes.

Comment by Anna

I realize Roosevelt Island is part of Manhattan after I researched it. I’m sure the tram is a nice ride but in the end going back/forth from Roosevelt Island wasn’t going to work for our particular situation. I’m sure for people on the east side and on Roosevelt Island the choice would make sense.

Comment by skipper646

HI there,
I just received my son’s summer test result. He scored at 96 percentile. Since most of the schoools’ G & T classes are already full so they gave us the choices between PS 189(prob. new program, any one heard of it?)and PS 217. We live in LES it is very far either one. I need your advise on this? let’s say if i pick PS 217 does it mean that he will stuck with it for years. any mobility b/w the schools gifted program?


Comment by jennifer

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