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Reviewed Our Child’s NYC Gifted and Talented OLSAT Test

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When we received the results from our child’s NYC public schools gifted and talented test we noticed we could request to review the results of the pre-K gifted and talented test which is the OLSAT (otis-lennon school ability test). Although it’s not messaged as such, basically the OLSAT test is a IQ test of some sorts that our 4-year old child ended up taking. The OLSAT test   NYC public schools is administered by a NYC DOE employee who came to our child’s pre-K to give her the exam. This OLSAT is the same exact exam for kindergarten NYC public school students, just a few questions less and the child of course doesn’t have to read at this poitn in taking the OLSAT exam for the NYC public schools for pre-K. Of course, right after our child took the OLSAT for NYC public schools we had to wait like all the other parents in NYC public schools for the OLSAT results from the pre-K test for NYC public schools.

We had our meeting at the DOE for NYC public schools to review the OLSAT test for the NYC public schools given to our 4-year old. The lady who showed us the test was very nice and informative. As we knew, she said it’s based upon the child’s birthday within 3-months so our child was only compared against other children within 3 months of her birthday. This makes sense since there can be a tremendous difference in abilities at that age within a few month period.  We looked at the OLSAT test given by the NYC public schools and our child’s response to the pre-K OLSAT test version. 

Reviewing the OLSAT test for NYC public schools given to our child was EXTREMELY useful. If you’re a parent out there whose child has taken the OLSAT for NYC public schools I’d recommend reviewing the exam. This allowed us the opportunity to see her verbal responses to the OLSAT test for the NYC public schools. This helped us identify areas that she was good at and areas of more work needed. Overall, we were VERY pleased with the ability to review the OLSAT test that our child took and provided great insights to us as parents.

Prior to our child taking the OLSAT test we did prepare her with practice items simliar to the ones on the OLSAT. We found great resources online so if you’d like to know about them let me know. Thanks! Michael M.

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My child received a 99 on the combined OLSAT/BRSA – still 5 questions were answered incorrectly. I was interested in figuring out what questions my child did not know but I feel like a complete fool requesting a review on a test where they did well. Was there a benefit to seeing the responses to questions they got right as well as wrong? Also, we did not formally prep for this child but I would like to for younger sibling – what products do you recommend?

Comment by Gianna

I know what you mean about feeling a bit strange requesting the Gifted and Talented OLSAT exam to review since our child did extremely well but we are VERY glad we did so. The person at the DOE for the NYC public schools gifted and talented exam review was very supportive. She said lots of parents review the exam for the children that do well on it to see what “exactly” they said for the questions. She also said that most partents who want to review the exam are for students who did extremely well or did poorly. The OLSAT for NYC public schools pre-k / kindergarten is partly verbal so it was good to see what our child said to the questions and thought process. This also gave us an opportunity to see if the practice items we practiced with our child prior to the exam were consistent with the OLSAT test for NYC public schools pre-k. The practice items actually seemed a bit harder than what was on the actual OLSAT for NYC public schools.

I’ll send you the info via email for the products we used to help with the test prep for the NYC public schools gifted and talented.

Comment by skipper646

Thanks so much, apparently, I missed the deadline to request a review so that opportunity may have passed, I sent in a request anyway – they can only say no. I ordered KTSS and some 4 scene sequencing cards from amazon – trying to figure out what shapes (apparently there are some complex shapes on the test), how complex are the colors – is there any math – my son said he was asked to add 13 + 2 – which he knew but I thought that odd.

any way, very little discussion about this process out in Rockaway where we live but people learned my son took it and is going to another school outside of the neighborhood so they are starting to ask us questions and I would like to help them navigate this process.

All the Best,


Comment by gianna


My daughter got only 70 percentile and she is a very good student. Can you please forward the test material information you followed?


Comment by J

I’ll send you the info via email. Please don’t be discouraged or too concerned about your daughter’s score on the exam. There are SO many factors going into the exam. I’m not sure of your daughter’s age but if she’s only 4-5 years old many of the concepts on the OLSAT NYC public schools exam are foreign to most youngsters – unless they’ve been exposed in pre-k or by parents. Although, the pre-K where my daughter attends definitely didn’t “prep” her in any way for the OLSAT after seeing the material on the exam. Also, maybe your daughter was having an “off” day which could have a dramatic impact on her OLSAT score.

In my personal opinion, it really isn’t matter of pure intelligence in most cases (although there are exceptions) but having been exposed to concepts and testing material in general. At 4 or 5 years old, the concept of a “test” is new to any youngster. At our child’s pre-k for the OLSAT they called our child in a separate room with an instructor/OLSAT test giver she’d never even met before. Just given those circumstances can cause stress to a youngster. If your daughter is going into Kindergarten it’s my understanding she’ll have an opportunity to take the OLSAT again but please verify with your kindergarten teacher to make sure. It’s really a matter of getting the child prepared for the OLSAT testing within the NYC public schools without putting stress on the child.

Comment by skipper646

Is this discussion still active? May I ask for your recommendation for prep materials? Thanks!

Comment by notinthespotlight

Can I request the recommendations for prep materials??? Thanks.

Comment by Mommyme

Can you please email me the online sources where I can get sample questions for olsat8? My daughter has the test coming up on the 16 th of march She is in 2nd grade. Thanks

Comment by Bita

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