NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Lots of Comments Today on Our Ranking for NYC Gifted and Talented Program

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I’ve received many comments today on the ranking of the NYC public schools for the NYC gifted and talented program within the NYC public school system. Our rankings were based upon the needs we thought best for OUR child. We investigated every school thoroughly and all had pluses and minuses but in the end we felt the MOST comfortable with P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep. Some people have sent me some snide comments about the principal and in the end it’s a matter of personal opinion. I can only speak on my own experience with the principal who returned my phone calls within the same day and even called me back while she was still investigating my questions. Sure, it could be a total suck up routine but in the end we felt VERY comfortable with her and the program at P.S. 33 for the NYC Gifted and Talented Program. At least we already have a relationship with the principal at P.S. 33 and she seems to have her act together. Sure, our ranking may be a bit unconventional but I felt the need to do what’s best for our child’s needs – not what others think we should do. There are several ways to evaluate and we had certain criteria – the main ones being how comfortable we are with the principal, the overall school visit(s), the rankings on the DOE site and access to the school from where we live.

I’m always open to debates on this topic but some of the personal attacks today have been a bit out of hand, unsubstantiated and inappropriate.

We’ll wait for the response on Friday to see where we end up and where P.S. 33 ends up on our list.

Best wishes to all the parents out there during this stressful waiting time. 🙂  Thanks! Michael M.

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