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Still No Placement Offers Letter or Email Notification for NYC Gifted and Talented

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Well, I checked the DOE NYC public schools site and it indicates placement offer letters for the NYC Gifted and Talented program for kindergarten and first grade were due out today. We have yet to receive our email notification so maybe it’ll come out later tonight? It looks like registration is suppose to take place from June 19 to June 26 which really doesn’t give people much time to prepare if there has yet to be any communication from the DOE regarding the placement letters for the NYC gifted and talented program. I emailed the DOE this afternoon around 2pm but have yet  to hear back. Considering it’s almost 6:30pm now I doubt I’ll receive any response until Monday.

I also logged into the site where we selected the order of preference of Gifted and Talented schools in district 2 for NYC public schools. There were no updates on the site so I guess it’s a waiting game at this point in time to see what’s next.

If you’re interested, here’s the link with the schedule of when everything is to take place.

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I called them today and actually got someone on the phone. They swear the emails are being sent today. They said it is all done by computer, in batches, so I guess I won’t give up until midnight!

Comment by Mom

Thanks for the update. I didn’t have time to make the phone call and I’m glad to know a real person actually answered the phone! I’ll keep checking my emails to see if the NYC gifted and talented placement letters get sent via email.

Comment by skipper646

It is Sunday, June 21, 6:00pm, and I have not received a letter indicating which school accepted my son. If I only have until Friday to decide, what do I do if no one ever gets back to me? Has anyone else yet to receive the letter/e-mail?

Comment by Anne Eaton

We rec’d our G&T school placement email at 1:22am Saturday morning (June 21). You may want to check your SPAM/Junk folder to make sure it didn’t go there. You’d only receive an email notice if you selected the G&T schools in order of preference online. If you mailed in your request via US Postal Service you’d receive your notification of your child’s placement via US Mail but not via email. I don’t know the timeline but I’d assume the letters were mailed out Friday (June 20) so you’d receive the letter in the mail Monday or Tuesday of this coming week. I’d recommend emailing the DOE gifted and talented to find out Or you can contact the DOE at Office of
Student Enrollment – Room 415, 52 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007.

Comment by skipper646

Here are a couple of phone numbers for the NYC gifted and talented:
Office of Student Enrollment at 212-374-4948 or the Office of Gifted and Talented Programs 212-374-5972.

Comment by skipper646

Thank you, skipper646.

Comment by Anne Eaton

Re 2011 gifted and talented placement offers, has anyone not received an email notification about placement or has anyone’s child’s “enrollment status” online not changed from “submitted” to a letter to open. If you don’t hear anything, does that mean you received no match at a school? Or, are you supposed to have received negative results as well. Thanks for any feedback

Comment by mjr

ho can I register my 5 year old

Comment by maureen borg

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