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NYC Gifted and Talented Program Placement Letter – Email Received!

Better late than never! 🙂 

We rec’d our placement letter for NYC gifted and talented program for kindergarten via email at 1:22am this morning. We were pleased that we received our first choice and look forward to going up to the school next week to enroll. We of course have TONS of questions for the principal prior to finalizing the details.

Here’s an excerpt from the email we received with Q&A for parents:

Key Questions and Answers

1) I did not receive an offer. What are my options?
– Some Gifted and Talented programs may have seats that become available due to
unexpected attrition. These seats will be filled by children who did not receive
an offer during the initial Gifted and Talented placement period.
– Children who did not receive an offer during the initial Gifted and Talented
placement period will be automatically considered for placement into seats that
become available. Families do not need to contact the Office of Student
Enrollment to be considered. Offers will be determined based on the same
criteria as the initial placements; i.e.: sibling priority, ranked program
choices and available seats.
– Placements to these seats will be made late in the summer, prior to the start
of the school year.

2) I have a sibling issue. What do I do?
– If there is an issue with your sibling’s Gifted and Talented offer please
email We will review your submitted application.
– If a younger sibling does not make the qualification cut off for his or her
older sibling’s G&T program, you may file a placement exception request (PER) at
your local Borough Enrollment Office to attend the general education program
offered in the same school, provided there are available seats

3) I do not like my offer.  What are my options?
– All Gifted and Talented offers are final. There are no appeals of Gifted and
Talented placements. If you are offered a placement and you decline that
placement, no other placement offer will be made.

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May parents file an appeal on the test result? To ask to review the test again? My son was off by 1 point to get into the program.

Comment by Ronnie Chan

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