NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep for Gifted and Talented – Spoke to Principal

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On Monday (yesterday), we called the principal at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep, Linore Lindy, to get answered some last minute questions we had regarding the gifted and talented program at Chelsea Prep P.S. 33 in the NYC public school system. We were able to speak with her directly and the principal was more than happyto answer our many questions.  Our neighbor whose child got accepted to P.S. 33  Chelsea Prep as well also called the principal.  Our neighbor said she left a message for the principal at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep and within 30 minutes the principal called her back to answer her questions. Although Chelsea Prep P.S. 33 isn’t located in the most desirable living area in Manhattan the principal so far has been very accessible, available and actually returns phone calls. Even though I’m sure she’s very busy running the school she was more than happy to answer our many questions about the G&T program for P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep.  We plan to make another visit to the P.S. 33 school to enroll our child. Overall, we’ve been extremely pleased with the principal’s open door policy at P.S. 33 and she wants parents to be involved.

If you haven’t done so, here’s a great comparison of the NYC public schools .  This is actually on the DOE site and you’re able to compare 2 schools side-by-side. You can see how the teacher’s at the school responded to the questions and how the parents responded to the same questions. Also, it compares the school ratings vs. city wide ratings. This VALUABLE information is buried on the DOE site and I found it to be on the MOST valuable pieces of information about the schools.

The comparisons have 4 different areas they surveyed – safety and respect, communications, engagement and academic expectations.  It’s interesting to see the variance between what the teachers of the specific NYC public school vs. how parents rate their particular NYC public school. Please note, these surveys are at the aggregate level and don’t segment out the Gifted and Talented Programs at the specific New York City public school.

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