NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

NYC Schools Summer Testing for NYC Gifted and Talented Program OLSAT Test

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I received a summer G&T testing notification from a NYC public school parent who is going to test her child via OLSAT / BRSA this summer for New York City schools gifted and talented program for first grade for the G&T. It seems they recently moved to the NYC area and needed to test their child for  New York City gifted and talented program.  Here’s the information she sent me regarding what she found out about summer testing for the NYC G&T program.

From Parent who plans to have their child tested this summer for NYC gifted and talented program first grade:

I actually just submitted the application for the summer test this morning.  I have no insight as to when the test will be administered, but was told that I had to get the application in by 7/16 in order for my daughter to be tested this summer for September 09 consideration (this is only for Kindergarten and 1st Grade though).

We live in Staten Island, however I desperately need my daughter to go to school in the city (as I have no one to pick her up from school in Staten Island and don’t get out of work early enough to get back to the Island to pick her up, even from an after school program) so I am separately applying for an exception and being careful to select schools that have a district gifted and talented program, just in case.  This is quite a quandary.


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