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NYC gifted and talented program OLSAT summer testing parents

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I received the email below from a parent who took their daughter to get summer testing for OLSAT BRSA for NYC gifted and talented program for kindergarten.  It seems the OLSAT summer test was being administered at P.S. 33 which is one of the gifted and talented program schools in New York City.  It looks like it will only take 2 weeks to get the results and NYC gifted and talented program placement offer letters will be sent to the parents which will contain the results of the OLSAT tests. Based upon what this parents said about the OLSAT testing it seems like her daughter liked the setting of P.S. 33 and the OLSAT test giver was pretty tight lipped about the how her daughter performed on the OLSAT gifted and talented program test for NYC schools.

FROM THE PARENT: I just wanted to give you an update. My daughter was tested yesterday and you will never guess where the test was administered – PS 33 in Chelsea! She said that she felt that the test was kinda hard. The teacher that administered the first section of the test to her told me that all that she could tell me is that she completed it and some kids don’t finish. We won’t know the results for another week or two…so we will see what happens. My daughter loved PS 33 though (from what she saw) and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your experiences there.

I’m not sure if the summer testing for OLSAT BRSA for NYC schools gifted and talented programs is the same for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grades, etc. You’ll need to check with the NYC DOE to get information on how the summer OLSAT tests are administered to those grades during the summer.

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can my son retake the olsat.He scored 61out of 88 in the braken,and12 out 40 in the olsat

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