NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Met Bige Doruk, CEO and Founder of Bright Kids NYC – NYC Schools Test Prep

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I  met Bige Doruk, the CEO and founder of Bright Kids NYC, and had a great conversation with her about the new service she started a few short months ago called Bright Kids NYC located downtown in the Financial District.  She herself had a child take the OLSAT test for kindergarten and she completely understands the pressures that parents face in NYC to get their child in the NYC gifted and talented program.  She has thorough knowledge of the NYC DOE system for NYC gifted and talented application process and retesting for the gifted and talented program – even for summer retake tests for the gifted and talented program for kindergarten.

In a few weeks she launches her new OLSAT test prep book.  I saw a draft copy of the book and all I can say is that it’s the BEST test prep book for the OLSAT / BRSA I’ve seen to date. Let me know if you’d like to be notified once this book is released and published – email me at Bige indicated it should be ready by the end of August to early September. Just in time for the school rush for NYC gifted and talented test prep. If you contact Bige or Bright Kids NYC directly let her know that I referred you so she’ll give you a good deal on the OLSAT / BRSA prep book!  This book really outlines the thoroughness of the exam and provides a good baseline for NYC gifted and talented practice test to get your child up to speed on the the types of questions on the OLSAT / BRSA tests.

Based upon my conversation with Bige there’s a BIG need here in NYC for parents like us to get their child prepared for these tests. Of course all of us think (and rightfully so 🙂 )  that our child is a GENIUS.  Although when it comes to the NYC gifted and talented tests for OLSAT and BRSA it’s a matter of preparation as much as it has to do with intelligence. She told me stories of children who are extremely bright who come to her facility for OLSAT test prep because they did poorly on the OLSAT NYC gifted and talented test results. This was a matter of being prepared for the testing.

On another note, we received notice we’ll have the open house for our child’s school at P.S. 33 the week of August 24. I’ll write another update at that time to keep everyone posted on the progress of the new gifted and talented program being launched at P.S. 33 NYC for the very first time this year under the guidance of Principal Linore Lindy.

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My son is currently at Nest, after a lot of at home preperation with my husband and I. We had tried a consulting service with our daughter, but found it to be overpriced and a lot of hype. I suggest easing your child into an academic program at home, and being creative about making it fun. Our children are too young to be entering these “formal programs” so soon, as parents are more than capable educators at the Prek-1 age level.

Comment by Katie

Thanks for your comments and you bring up a valid point about parents teaching their youngsters.

Comment by skipper646

Congratulations on your child getting into PS33’s Gifted and Talented program. My daughter finished pre-K there and is entering Kindergarten. Principal Lindy is really wonderful and has done a great job turning the school around (it went from an F school a few years ago to all A’s last year). I think you’ll find the education your child gets to be top notch. Beyond the curriculum, the students are involved in music, performances, and many other things. The pre-K “graduation” consisted of a 30 minute performance of songs, dances, and even yoga performed by all the students with many parents helping. Enjoy!

Comment by Banghee Chi

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