NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Parents Obsessing About NYC Gifted and Talented Program Test Prep

I ran across this video “Getting In….Kindergarten” that really gives insights to the NYC parent mentality for the gifted and talented program. This is about 10 minutes long and features 3 families and their efforts to get into the gifted and talented program for NYC schools. From OLSAT test prep to ERB and even more stringent guideline to getting into Hunter for gifted and talentd.

We moved here from out of state so navigating the NYC school system, especially for gifted and talented program can be well, quite a challenge that can easily turn into a obsession. We try to explain the gifted and talented testing process to friends and family outside of NYC and they just don’t get it. I suppose I wouldn’t get it either unless I lived here. From renting an apartment to getting groceries to going to kindergarten…to say the least, it’s a whole new world in NYC – especially with the NYC gifted and talented program.

I haven’t done much research on the ERB test since it’s for private school acceptance. From what I have learned, it’s  less stressful than the OLSAT as the test giver can re-direct the child to stay focused.  Whereas, with the OLSAT test when given to a pre-K student for NYC gifted and talented program the test giver only reads the questions one time (and one time only!) and cannot re-direct the child to stay focused (under  any circumstances).

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