NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Parents Orientation at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep Gifted and Talented

There was a parents orientation breakfast this week for new students at PS 33 Chelsea Prep.  This also included parents of NYC gifted and talented program students along with general education.

At the orientation we were a bit concerned because we were told they will be combining the kindergarten with the first grade due to low enrollment in the the G&T at PS 33. They didn’t want to cancel the program all together so they combined the class.  Based upon further research, this is a common practice if class sizes are small.  We met and spoke to the G&T teacher who be teaching our child this fall and she addressed our concerns about the combination class of kindergarten and first grade. The G&T teacher is very kind, responsive and most of all passionate about teaching! She was able to thoroughly answer our questions and concerns and welcomed parents involvement throughout the year. We’ll see how she feels about parent involvement after a few meetings with me. <grin> 🙂   She indicated she teaches to the student, not to the “masses” – so one size doesn’t fit all so that made us feel better as well. From our conversations with her she stresses reading and writing with creative thought via experiential learning. We were able to see the classroom where our child will beand it’s enormous. It could easily fit 2-3 classes within the room. The teachers were still preparing the room for when the school year begins so it was a bit unorganized.

At the orientation we had the opportunity to meet other teachers, principal Linore Lindy, asst principal, parents and other staff. Overall, the meeting was really done well and we all met on the roof top playground! The children were able to play while the parents listened to the principal review the expectations for the school year, etc. Besides the little hiccup of combining G&T classes we are still pleased with the choice of PS 33.

We’re looking forward to when school starts in a couple of weeks.

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