NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

OLSAT summer testing for nyc gifted and talented program parents

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments: Thanks! Michael

I’ve heard from some parents they are FINALLY finding out which NYC gifted and talented program school their child will be attending starting next Wed. Some have just received their gifted and talented placement letter – as long they ranked the schools.  So much for being able to plan in advance but I suppose it’s better than finding out Tuesday or even Wednesday. Most of these parents who are just now finding out are for children who took the OLSAT summer test for the gifted and talented program for New York City Schools.

Here’s an email I rec’d from a parent regarding OLSAT summer testing for NYC gifted and talented program when their daughter took the OLSAT summer test. It looks like they rec’d their gifted and talented program acceptance letter with little to no information on “what’s next”.

EMAIL FROM PARENT: My overall experience with DOE and the program was fairly straight forward with no major problems. I faxed in my application for summer testing by the required date, they replied with a test date, she went in to take it (which was at PS 33 – your school -my daughter loved your school BTW), and just this week heard back from them. They sent us a fairly standardized email stating that she had passed and that they were going to send us a list of schools that we have to choose from that have available seats for G&T. They also said that they will send her score report shortly. They said that they guarantee a seat for her as long as we rank ALL of the schools listed. What’s keeping me up at night now is what school? Are there any seats available in our district? What if there are no seats and she did not qualify for city wide? What then? I checked out – but the information for my district isn’t very thorough. Are there any other good sites to check out public schools? END EMAIL.

I’m sure frustration levels are running high all over NYC right now for parents who have yet to hear from the DOE on the status of their gifted and talented placement letter. Being in District 2 for gifted and talented is an additional challenge since this district isn’t very compact – it goes from downtown all the way up to the UES (95th street) via midtown. Not exactly convenient for parents who live downtown on the westside and would like their G&T child to attend Lower Lab on the UES…..a 1 hour commute each way to school (even if it is part of the nyc gifted an talented program) isn’t really in the equation for most parents.

Well, it’s off to the races this coming Wednesday, September 9 as school begins. I’m sure there will be lots of drama the first few days as things settle into place. I’ve pretty much written off any learning to actually take place next week for our child since things will most likely be in limbo with a little bit of chaos mixed in. But hey, with over 1M students in the NYC public school system what can you expect?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments:  Thanks! Michael

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