NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Reading, Writing and Robotics? And…It’s OLSAT Test Prep Time!

If you have questions or comments regarding the NYC gifted and talented program et me know. Thanks – Michael

We visited our child’s G&T class at PS 33 Chelsea Prep for parents of gifted and talented students and teacher/principal meeting. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the teacher and principal Lindy. The principal stood before us and explained the expectations of parents for the gifted and talented program. I have to admit, the expectations are extremely high for parent involvement but I prefer that than low expectations for parent involvement. Principal Lindy told us about the math and reading ciriculum then she told us the children have special instruction in robotics! The school found a robotics expert to come into the class to teach the children the fundamentals of robotics. Each child will have their own robotics project to learn the mechanics and creativeness of robotics. Needless to say, we were amazed that this will be available for our child in kindergarten during regular class time.

Even after 3 short weeks we are simply amazed at the progress our child has made. Every morning our child runs out of bed to read books and then yesterday wrote 2 picture stories prior to going to school. All of this without any prompting from us. The creativity in the learning really has impressed me to no end and the G&T teacher at PS 33 is well, simply amazing!

The NYC Dept. of Education posted the dates for gifted and talented so now is the time to do OLSAT test prep for your gifted and talented child. The test dates will be in January and February 2010 so now is the time to start OLSAT test prep for your child. If you’d like 6 free sample OLSAT test prep questions please email me at These are from a new OLSAT test prep book that just got launched a month ago that’s really well done.

As a reminder, I now cross-post my blog on site under the Community tab. provides great insights to the overall education ins and outs for NYC. I highly recommend it if you’re needing information at the aggregate level. I also have another blog where you can find some great items to OLSAT test prep your child.

If you have questions or comments regarding OLSAT test prep let me know. Thanks – Michael

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Why are you a proponent of OLSAT prepping? Does this not go against the meaning of an intelligence test?

Comment by Joe

I think it’s necessary to make sure the child is fully prepared going into this testing situation. Please consider, this is a 128 question test given to a 4 year old and in a formal testing environment by a complete stranger the child has never even met. The test administrator isn’t there to give the test based upon the child’s learning style, personality, etc. They must adhere to strict guidelines that gives the same exact test environment to every student – this must be done to remain fair in test giving. Putting a child in such a situation without any prepping can be traumatic to a 4 year old. The child needs to know going into the testing environment that there are “right” and “wrong” answers so they can really focus. The test preparation is more of getting the child in the testing mindset – not so they can do “better” on the test but to make sure the test accurately reflects the child’s abilities.

Comment by skipper646

I respect your opinion and understand what you are saying. I believe, though, that the OLSAT goes beyond pure intelligence testings (which in its own is debatable). In order to do well on OLSAT/Bracken the child needs to be smart AND needs to be on a certain level of maturity (i.e. the testing environment does not influence the child’s performance too much). The whole G&T thing in this city is a misnomer, IMHO. The goal is to fill a limited number of classrooms with children that are easy to teach to. I must say that this strategy is working pretty well.

Comment by Joe

I agree with you that the test goes beyond intelligence and I also agree thta it’s about listening skills and teachability. The G&T classroom for our kindergartener is full of children who want to learn, listen/respect the teacher and are for the most part mature for their age. Although, with 128 questions it’s difficult to obatin a good sense of the level of maturity so I suppose the OLSAT test is the best way to do it. There has to be some sort of mechanism to test the children for G&T.

Comment by skipper646

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