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Gifted and Talented Parent Information Session at Bright Kids NYC

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This past Thursday I attended the Bright Kids NYC parent information session in Manhattan going over OLSAT test prep and general information about the NYC gifted and talented program. During the session I participated on the G&T parents panel to answer questions from prospective G&T parents. There were also 2 teachers on the panel – one who teaches gifted and talented and the other who actually was a proctor of the OLSAT test for several years. Bige Doruk, founder of Bright Kids, gave a presentation at the beginning before panel members answered questions from parents.

There were about 40 parents who attended the session that was scheduled to from 6:30pm to 8pm. After it was all said and done we didn’t get out of session until after 9pm due to the high interest and interaction amongst audience members! The participation levels were extremely high especially in the area of OLSAT test prep. This session provided a true forum for parents to find out the “ins and outs” of the OLSAT and BRSA tests and how to navigate through the NYC gifted and talented program effectively. Due to the setting and content of the meeting I’d have to say this information session was far better than what the DOE NYC gifted and talented information session held a couple of weeks ago.

If you’d like to receive my FREE gifted and talented newsletter please email me at Thanks  – Michael

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Impossible that there were public school teachers that teach at a G&T program, we had parent – teacher conferences that night and they were all required to be at the schools to meet with parents

Comment by Kate

There are multiple G&T programs in NYC so the teachers who attended this session may not teach at your particular school.

Comment by skipper646

So which G and T school was represented? You state in this writing that their was a G and T teacher from “one” school, whereas their is a post by “jenny” that many schools were there, I think she mentioned Lower Lab – was there a teacher from that school?

Comment by Kate

Free test prep sample for gr 2

Comment by CECILIQ

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