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Getting In Kindergarten – New York City Gifted and Talented and Private Schools
November 21, 2009, 12:46 pm
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I posted part 1 of the series Getting In…Kindergarten a few months ago and I was able to find the entire series of how neurotic New York City parents try to get their child into private kindergarten or the New York City gifted and talented program for kindergarten. I felt a little bit uncomfortable at times while watching – not really because of the parents and their actions but because I could see myself acting and thinking the same exact way. The focus on this series is about the ERB test for private schools, OLSAT test for New York City gifted and talented and Stanford Binet testing for Hunter.  I thought it was interesting they really didn’t focus on the ERB or OLSAT test prepping aspect for these 4 year olds but that topic would justify an entire series on its own merit.

Overall, I  think this broadcast was really well done and shows 3 very diverse New York City families.  The overarching feelings among all 3 families are the same – regardless of socio-economic status and background, which I found intriguing. It shows how NYC parents act and respond to getting their child into the “right” kindergarten (yes,  kindergarten!).  Here are the videos and each one is 6-11 minutes each. I’d love to hear what others think of this series and if they think it accurately depicts NYC parents’ mindset.

Getting In…Kindergarten:

On another note, here are some great activity books for you and your child. Our child loves these Brain Quest Games and Workbooks and they are great for travel. Check them out on Amazon: 

Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Preschool

Brain Quest Kindergarten

I also cross-post on It’s a great site that focus on the entire NYC school system and provides great insights from a number of writers and content contributors.

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