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OLSAT Test Prep Skills During the Holidays
November 24, 2009, 11:09 am
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Here’s a really good OLSAT prep book:
Test Preparation Guide for Entry Into Kindergarten and First Grade (Instructions and Questions for Children) (Bright Kids Series)

Another holiday season is upon us as we head into Thanksgiving then straight into Christmas and Hanukah! This time of year offers so many ways to practice critical thinking skills that are needed to do well on the OLSAT test and ERB (and of course in school).

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate fun into the learning experience during the holidays for OLSAT test prep: 

  • When decorating the Christmas tree make sure you count the number of decorations you’re hanging on the tree and explain the differences of each decoration to your child. Make sure you use words like neither/nor and either/or when asking your child to give you decorations to hang on the tree.
  • The candle lighting ceremony for the menorah allows you the opportunity to practice how many candles will be lit in 6 days, etc. It’s a good visual representation that children can relate to.
  • Candy canes always make good counting games since children can hold quite a few of them at one time. You can easily do “more than” and “less than” games with these. 
  • When you see a Christmas tree stand on the street have your child point to the tallest, shortest, thickest, etc. tree. Also have your child group trees together that look alike by the different types and sizes. 
  • Baking cookies or other Christmas treats is a great way to have your child learn mixing of ingredients but more importantly following directions! Read the directions first to your child and see if your child can remember the order in which you read the directions. Which ingredient comes first – the milk or eggs? What comes right after the sugar? These make great sequencing exercises that you can incorporate while baking holiday treats! 
  • The best practice of course is with gifts! Ask your child how many gifts they received and have your child sequence the gifts largest to smallest, heaviest to lightest, etc.  It’s also fun to have the child to hand-out gifts to everyone and ask the child who has the most gifts, who received the biggest gift, etc.?

By providing these examples to your child allows them to see real-life examples of what’s presented on the OLSAT test.

If you’d like to receive my free gifted and talented e-newsletter please email me at Thanks – Michael

Here are some great stocking stuffers for your kids – games and books for G&T:
Dr. Dooriddles Associative Reasoning Activities: Book A-1

Rocket Phonics

Alphabet & Number Puzzles w/Activities

Brain Quest Games and Workbooks
Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Preschool

Brain Quest Kindergarten


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