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OLSAT Test Starts in NYC – Parents Report on Their Experiences at Testing Sites
January 12, 2010, 9:29 pm
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If you’re still needing some practice OLSAT sample test questions  I have some sample questions so email me at: Also, you can sign up for my free G&T e-newsletter.

As the OLSAT test period continues through the end of February, the waiting game has already started for some parents who took their child to the OLSAT testing site designated by the NYC DOE. I’ve been getting early reports from parents who took their children to take the OLSAT test over this past weekend.  Here are some of the comments I’ve received from parents about the process they went through:

“The test site was very calm and well organized. My child in the test happily and came out smiling.”

“There were only a handful of kids there.”

“We registered outside the auditorium and then we were told to sit inside until our child’s name was called. They certainly checked ID closely and didn’t accept one person’s photo copy of a birth certificate.”

“Some of the parents looked very nervous, and others seemed relaxed and were chatting with each other.  In most cases only one parent showed up with their child but in some cases it was both parents and the siblings.”

“While the parents were waiting someone from the school explained the process briefly and offered to answer any questions but there weren’t any of much interest.”

According the DOE site, the OLSAT test is scheduled to take place from January 4 through February 7, 2010. If you’re in public school pre-K the test is given during school hours but if you’re in private pre-K the OLSAT test is given at a designated location by the NYC DOE. If you didn’t register in by November 7, 2009 then it’s too late. You can sign-up for OLSAT summer testing via the DOE site.

If you’re still needing some practice OLSAT test material I have some sample questions so email me at: Also, you can sign up for my free G&T e-newsletter.

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I received the notification that my daughter was taking the exam in a letter that was placed in her bag, the evening before the exam. Imagine my surprise. Additionally, my daughter was very sick with a cold. Since there were no other contact details or timing of the exam, i had to wait until the following morning to call the school operator and they locate an individual that was proxying the exam. I was able to stop them from administering the test that day, but have since not heard anything about being retested. I must say I was surprised that this is the way the public schools inform the parents, a day before the exam and without a proper contact number for emergencies. Once my daughter takes it I will let you know what she thought of her surroundings.

Comment by Joanna

How long does the test take. My daughter has a 9am appointment. Please email me at Thanks!

Comment by Robin

My kid tested at PS 165. It was well organized and the Principal met us at the door. We waited in the cafeteria for about 15 min. I brought M&Ms to get my kid’s blood sugar level high and also we practiced some mathematical reasoning with the M&Ms while we waited. At 9AM they paired up each child with a proctor and off they went. Some kids might have a bit of difficulty leaving without their parents, and some parents might have some difficulty letting their kids go, so the coordinator let the everyone meet for about 30 seconds first so the kids could say good bye. But of course, as soon as they called her name, my kid jumped up, grabbed her proctor’s hand and ran out of the room; didn’t even look back at me! While we waited, the Principal tried to recruit us to send our kids to her school and we had a very pleasant discussion about the school and the program and what to look for in a good G&T school. Before we knew it, the first kid came back. Mine was the 2nd one back and had a big smile and said she got them all right. She was very excited and seemed to have had fun. Then she insisted on running into the teacher’s lounge to give her proctor a hug which caused the proctors to tense up (no kids allowed in that room!) but for a hug, they relented.

Comment by rplass

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