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OLSAT Test Results Still Haven’t Arrived Yet for NYC Gifted and Talented
April 16, 2010, 8:46 pm
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Well, I’ve heard from some parents and they have yet to receive their notification.  According to the DOE site the OLSAT test results were to be mailed today (Friday, April 16). Most likely the OLSAT results will arrive to everyone’s mailboxes by Monday or Tuesday of next week. As soon as I hear from my parent sources in NYC when they receive the NYC gifted and talented acceptance letter I’ll let everyone know.

When the letters from the NYC DOE on for G&T placement there will be 2 camps – one group that’s excited their child go into the gifted and talented program and the other group that’s disappointed their child didn’t make the 90%+ required on the OLSAT test. Don’t let it get you down if you’re in the second camp – trust me, you won’t be alone. It’s not the time to beat yourself up as a bad parent that should have tried harder or paid hundreds or thousands of dollars on OLSAT test prep. Instead, take a look at the situation as an opportunity to see what options are available for your child. It’s not the time to feel sorry for yourself or feel sorry for your child. There are so many flaws in the testing of 4 year olds that many experts claim that true gifts don’t manifest themselves until age 7+.  There’s always next year so don’t beat yourself up.

In the mean time, here are some fun Brain Quest items from you can do with your child . Our daughter absolutely loves the Brain Quest series.

If you have questions about the NYC gifted and talented program or would like OLSAT sample questions, please email me at: Thanks – Michael

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Received positive notification for current 2nd grader of score and and application by e-mail and website logon. No notification for other current PreK child. Don’t know if that means my younger one did not make cutoff.

Comment by RM

Tuesday-nothing yet in zip code 11220. Our son(first grade) and a neighbor(kindergarden) have received no information via email or USPS.

Comment by GregShields

If your kid didn’t make the 90 percent cut then actually it IS a perfect time to start feeling sorry for yourself — especially if your kid is now going to wind up in a bad catch-all school.

Comment by RandyShields

There’s always next year test…don’t give up hope!

Comment by skipper646

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