NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

The NYC Gifted and Talented Process – What I Went Through Starting Last May – OLSAT Results, School Tours

If you’d like to read the beginning of the blog where the G&T adventures begins go to this link:

From OLSAT test results to G&T school tours, I’ve chronicled step by step of the process.

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So if you don’t get a letter, you didn’t get in? And you have to request your score?…seems odd?

Comment by SuperMommyJet

Good question…I’m not sure. The DOE site really doesn’t outline the process and what parents should expect. Last year, all parents got a letter in the mail with their child’s score – not matter what the score. Seems like this year it’s something different….at least from what I’m hearing from parents.

Comment by skipper646

Yes, the G&T site clearly states that only those children who are accepted into the program (ie. test in) will receive a letter. However, if you contact the G&T team at DOE, they seem to indicate that an email will be sent with test scores to all who applied…this is very unclear. You can also check the G&T site for additional info on getting test scores, updating your mailing address, etc. TAlso, there is an online process for requesting an appointment to view your child’s test in person (appointments are available in May-June)

Comment by Banghee Chi

It doesn’t say they will receive a letter. It clearly states “Score Reports and Applications Sent to Eligible Students”. It doesn’t say how those reports are being sent…email? US postal service? There’s also no indication of what to do if you don’t get a score report and your child didn’t make the cut. The DOE should indicate that if your child didn’t make the score required you will not receive any notification. I’m sure the DOE site will be updated today because of parents contacting them if they didn’t get notified.

Comment by skipper646

If your child tested in, wouldn’t the test and score be listed when you log into your account? Maybe no listed test score means your child didn’t test in?

Comment by comment

my guess is…that those of us who didn’t hear are getting a letter….like last year, rather than the glamorous congratulatory email. Not really cool, in my book, that we, whose child may not have gotten “the” score, also could not hear by email….as we all are waiting anxiously…..makes those of us who are not included feel that much less included. There should be no second class status to testing, but I feel this notification process imposes a class status, and I am not for it!!!! Congratulate by email, but apologies, sheepishly, by snail mail. Shame on that choice.

Comment by Pam

Not sure I agree with the “class system” comment when it comes to getting notified via email but point taken. The DOE really needs to make the message clear of what to expect. There are so many parents who are in limbo or maybe only check email 1 or 2 times a week.

Comment by skipper646

To those parents who have been waiting anxiously for the results, I don’t know if this would help. My wife called the DOE this AM and inquired about the delayed results. She requested to have the results email to her email address and we just got the email @ 11:15 pm today. The notification is positive. We were beginning to lose confidence that our son would not get in after reading the comments that there was possibility that only those who got accepted would get the notice on time. Well, hang in there. There is hope. Best wishes!

Comment by Edwin Cheung

I have already received a spot at my zoned/district school for Kindegarten (non G and T) but now I’ve found out that my child was accepted at the 99th percentile so will I automatically get my zoned school since the g and t is offered there. Should I still register for K there or wait for the g and t placement letter? Please advise. Thanks so much.

Comment by BKMamma

You do have to wonder how the DOE can possibly run schools with the way this process works.

My daughter took the test. As of last night, April 20 at 9pm, no word either by email or letter. Received an email today that she had qualified. A friend of mine still had received no word as of this morning, and when she called, found out her daughter had qualified as well, but still hasn’t received an email or letter to notify her. They evidently can’t even figure out how to notify kids who have qualified. The bottom line is you can’t reach any conclusions based on the fact that you haven’t received any information as of yet.

Comment by Bob Antibes

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