NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

More Pre-K Students Qualify for G&T Programs This Year for NYC Gifted and Talented Program

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According to a recent NY Times article the number of pre-k students who got over 90% on the OLSAT test this year is much higher. According to the article:

” Of the 12,454 in New York City who took the test this winter, 3,542 (or 26 percent) scored at or above the national 90th percentile, up from 3,231 the year before, qualifying them for one of the 70 gifted kindergarten programs spread through the city’s school districts. But the most striking increase occurred in the number of children scoring at or above the national 97th percentile: 1,788, up from 1,345 last year. Those students qualify for one of the five citywide gifted programs, which have only about 300 seats in all, meaning the competition for them this year will be even fiercer.”

The article goes on to mention how tutoring facilities and nursery schools are preparing the children for these exams with good results. According the article:

“At the Perry School, a preschool in the West Village, children spent an hour a day in a “think tank program” designed to expose them to the reasoning and materials they would see during the test. They also had professional tutoring. Of the five students who took the gifted exam, “we got two 99s, a 98, and two 97s,” said Dawn Ifrah, the founder. Bright Kids NYC, the tutoring company that worked with those children, reported that 80 percent of the 120 children for whom it had results had scored over the 90th percentile, and 60 children had scored in the 99th.”

This past Friday was the deadline to submit applications for the G&T programs across NYC. There were many nervous parents as the deadline approached. From District 2 parents I heard that Lower Lab and P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep were by far the top 2 choices for the district 2 G&T programs. For city-wide it was toss-up between NEST and Anderson. I also heard from several parents whose children received a 99% on the OLSAT test decided to forgo the city-wide program and put P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep in District 2 as their first choice for gifted and talented so they would be guaranteed a spot in the hottest, up-and-coming G&T program.

If you’d like to receive my free G&T newsletter please email me at: Thanks – Michael

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The NYCDOE needs to keep up with all the “gifted and Talented” children. So many students have passed ….and have NO PLACEMENT. Seems no matter what the score…there is STILL no guarantee they will have room for you….EVEN if it is your ZONED SCHOOL
1. placement in the “gifted” class requires nothing other then a passing score (90) on a standardized test. (including children age 4). Maybe the child is GIFTED…maybe just lucky…it does not matter because the actual child was never even observed.
2. now that the child has been proclaimed “gifted”, one would assume they would have a placement in a “gifted” class….NOT TRUE.
The NYCDOE does not have enough classes to accommodate ALL the gifted children in the system… only some gifted children are allowed to show their true talents and “gifts” the other “unlucky gifted” children get thrown into a “regular” classroom..
Parents and children alike are spending time and money working to pass and get the best score possible on these STANDARD tests…and then the schools say……”sorry no room for all your hard work” GIVE ME A BREAK!!! It almost seems as if the schools WANTED more children to fail….. or had low expectations in our children.
I am reading all about these programs that help these children get a score of 99%…BUT DON’T waste your money because that STILL does not guarantee a placement in the schools “gifted and talented” program!!!

Comment by Gina


I agree. First of all given the # of kids vs the # of seats the bar should be raised from 90 to 97. Second all the kids 97+ should be put into the lottery not just 99. Again give the # of seats vs kids they should either say you only qualify with 99 OR put everyone in the lottery. I mean really what is the difference between 97 and 99?

Comment by Patty

Gina, was your child placed? What school did you pick as your first choice? What did you spend money on, a test prep?

Comment by Henny

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