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NY Times – Equity of G&T OLSAT Test Is Debated as Children Compete for Gifted Kindergarten
July 31, 2010, 10:41 pm
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There’s a recent NY Times article that discusses the equity of G&T testing for NYC gifted and talented program. The article hones in on the fact the OLSAT and BSRA tests are the sole criteria used for the gifted and talented program. The article brings up the issue we all deal with on how “fair” is the OLSAT test. In the past the G&T process was de-centralized and there were teacher’s assessments and individual interviews with the children. Now it’s based upon the OLSAT test given to students with no outside criteria taken into consideration. No system for G&T entry can be a perfect and the current system could use improvements but due to the DEO cut-backs and lower funding the standardized test for all students seems to be the best solution in my opinion- at least for the short-term.

It seems like these “for profit” test prep centers for 4 year olds who do OLSAT test prep would offer subsidies for those parents who may not be able to afford it but the article didn’t mention that happening.

Read the article on gifted and talented testing in the NY Times.

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