NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Wall Street Journal Article – OLSAT Test Prep for Play Dates?

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The recent Wall Street Journal article focused on the local level for NYC on test prepping 3 – 4 year olds for private school. This type of technique could also be considered for NYC gifted and talented for the OLSAT test and Bracken.

It seems test prepping your child is now being marketed as prepping for play dates! How about – OLSAT patty-cake…Bracken building blocks…ERB-ingo…the possibilities are endless!

As I mentioned in a previous post there’s actually a brand new board game from Karen Quinn called IQ Fun Park to bring to your play dates or play it yourself with your child. I’d highly recommend Karen Quinn’s new game – my daughter loves it!

The WSJ article features local establishments like Bright Kids NYC owned by Bige Doruk and Aristotle Circle.

From the WSJ article – Prepping for the Playdate Test:
“Like most things in New York, the sessions don’t come cheap. Aristotle Circle charges $400 for a 45-minute observation and assessment. Bright Kids NYC, a similar company started last year by Bige Doruk, a mother of three, charges between $175 to $275 for sessions lasting between 45 and 75 minutes.”

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