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Questions Answered from Gifted and Talented Parents Sessions Downtown
October 17, 2010, 4:59 pm
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We had 3 information sessions 2 weeks ago for hundreds of parents in NYC covering gifted and talented programs, OLSAT tests, Bracken testing along with private school admissions. Thanks to all of you who attended and it was great to meet some of you in person for the first time! Due to the overwhelming response we plan to have more of these information sessions in the next 2 months so stay tuned as we finalize the details.

 We received 534 questions so we addressed the popular questions and themes (listed below). The recording is approximately 42 minutes and on under the Parents Resources section. The recording is a  very informational teleseminar with questions the NYC Department of Ed won’t or can’t answer! 

Questions Karen Quinn, author of Testing for Kindergareten, and I answer :

  • Can you talk about the difference between a gifted and talented program versus a regular public classroom versus a private school?
  • In NYC, how are the 5 citywide gifted programs better or different than the regular gifted and talented programs? Is there a strategy to use when ranking your G&T choices. 
  • What is the process for applying to private school in NYC and outside NYC?

Many questions were asked about multiple languages being spoken at home;

  • If we speak one language at home and my child speaks a different language at school, how do I evaluate whether or not he can take the OLSAT test in English??
  • What other languages can the OLSAT and Bracken be given in?  We speak Russian at home.  Will my child have to ID the Russian alphabet on a Bracken?
  • What are the pros and cons of speaking multiple languages at home?  What is recommended for gifted and talented testing purposes?
  • My 3.5 year old child is very shy.  Any advice for helping her learn to warm up for strangers so she’ll interact with the OLSAT tester?
  • If I haven’t started prepping my child at all yet, what should I focus on between now and the time she’s tested (in early January)?

Lots of questions about prepping children for the OLSAT test and Bracken.

  • What does coaching even mean? Does it actually help?
  • Do most parents prepare their kids for testing?  What’s the best way to do it without getting a tutor? 
  •  Can children be disqualified for receiving it?  Have we ever heard of a child being disqualified?
  •  What precautions should a parent take if they are preparing a child for testing?
  •  Should you stop test prep a few weeks before testing so the material is fresh for your child?
  •  How do make sure your child is familiar with the kinds of questions she’ll be asked but not overprepped?
  •  Is it possible to prep a child so well that she gets into a school that is too hard for her?
  •  How do the scores on various tests relate to each other?  If my child does well on the Stanford-Binet, will he also do well on the OLSAT?

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Hi! Just want to know if I need to subscribe to the Testing Mom so I can view the answers regarding the G and T session. Thanks.

Comment by Abby

Hi Abby – on testing mom we do have content from the NYC gifted and talented sessions where we answer all the questions from parents on the OLSAT test, Bracken Test, NYC gifted and talented programs, bi-lingual children and many more. You’ll have to be a member to access this information.

Comment by skipper646

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