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Aristotle Circle Does It Again! OLSAT Practice Test Workbook Reviewed
October 19, 2010, 10:44 pm
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I had the pleasure of reviewing the most recent edition to Aristotle’s Circle fine collection of workbooks for the OLSAT test for kindergarten and pre-K.  We’ll also be posting video reviews on in a few weeks so stay tuned! These are by far the best OLSAT test prep books I’ve seen and are so well done I don’t even know where to begin but I’ll try anyway. First of all, Aristotle Circle’s staff members are the masters of organizing the information in an easy to understand format for parents who know nothing about these tests (the way I was 2 years ago!). I know when I was going through the New York City gifted and talented testing process with my daughter it was extremely stressful and the last thing I needed was vague instructions or trying to figure out how this whole darn testing thing works. They have taken away the “guess work” behind the tests and have given us the inside edge we need to help our children to succeed.

OLSAT Test Workbook from Aristotle Circle! Simply Amazing!

 I can tell you from my personal experience it’s nice Aristotle Circle outlined the test and what the test is designed for. It’s written in simple language while communicating the attributes of the test in masterful form. Although there’s no individual credit given to the writer of this material I have a hunch Aristotle’s Circle very own Dr. Kim Har was the mastermind of writing this beautifully written manual. The amazing artwork will for sure to keep your child engaged through the process of preparing for the OLSAT test.  My daughter loved looking at all the engaging artwork of the little monsters and wanted me to keep asking her more and more of the practice questions!  What fun!

I love the way they used both color and black/white questions since the OLSAT test is in black and white. The color pictures keep children more engaged but since they also included the black and white questions it will give your child real examples of what they will see on the test. The best of both worlds!  As an extra added bonus they actually give an OLSAT practice test in black and white to make sure your child can fully experience the test simulation prior to taking  the OLSAT test with a complete stranger from the DOE.

This workbook covers all elements contained on the OLSAT Level A test:

  • Following directions
  • Aural reasoning (not oral!)
  • Arithmetic reasoning – yes, your child needs to know math at 4 years old!
  • Picture classification
  • Figure classification
  • Picture analogies
  • Figure analogies
  • Picture series
  • Figure series pattern matrix

Ok, the only drawback to this OLSAT test workbook is the price tag of $199. I realize some of  us are a little more price sensitive than others. But honestly, after reviewing this material, the quality of the publication and the $30,000 a year I’d save going to a private school it’s a small price to pay to make sure your child gets in the NYC gifted and talented program.  As my mom says “you get what you pay for” and in this case you’ll get the best – hands down!

My only change to these workbooks is changing First Edition for this book to Final Edition! I don’t see how they could improve these workbooks with a 2nd edition – keep it ‘as is” Aristotle Circle! Would you want to re-touch the original the Mona Lisa?

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