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Update on PS 33 Chelsea Prep Gifted and Talented Program – Does it Again!
October 29, 2010, 11:03 pm
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It’s been so crazy over the past couple of months with the launch of ( the new site that helps parents with gifted and talented testing) that I haven’t taken the time to give everyone an update on the gifted and talented program at PS33 Chelsea Prep (where my daughter attends the G&T program). All I can say is that we went from “amazing” last year to “spectacular” for this year so far!  Our daughter’s teacher, Mrs. Zimmerman, is another fine example of one of NYC’s best teachers!

We were so spoiled last year from Ms. Dana Kaplan (kindergarten G&T teacher)  our expectations going into this year were set extremely high! All I can say is Mrs. Zimmerman has exceeded all expectations and has created an environment of incredible learning for our daughter. Our daughter absolutely loves going to school every day and is eager to do homework every night when she gets home at night. I’ve been quite impressed with Mrs. Zimmerman’s communication with the parents and her ability to outline in detailed format expectations of the children and the parents. I personally appreciate all the details in her periodic emails and her ability to set expectations up front.

I think the best part of this year’s class is Mrs. Zimmerman’s ability to incorporate technology with online learning for both the classroom and at home. I think this is wave of the future and I really see Mrs. Zimmerman leading the way with how to best utilize technology in the classroom. I’ve noticed she uses technology to help support lessons and reinforce lessons taught in the classroom but not to replace the class room environment. She’s really found the perfect balance of the use of technology while utilizing traditional educational methods for the students.

Homework remains part of the ciriculum for our daughter’s class which should be expected at any gifted and talented program in New York City. My personal belief is that good study habits start at an early age so it’s great that our daugther is building the discipline needed for sitting still and doing homework on a nightly basis.

Math! Math! and More Math! I was hoping this year would be the year of  math for my daughter’s class and my wish has come true! I am really happy with the way mental math and traditional math have been incorporated in the program on a daily basis. Mrs. Zimmerman uses real life examples with shopping and using money to reinforce the math needed in daily life. We’ve already seen tremendous progress with the math our daughter uses and she really has learned the value of dollar.  The Tooth Fairy can’t show up with anything less than a five dollar bill!

It looks like P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep principal, Mrs. Lindy, did it again this year. Thanks for giving G&T students at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep another amazing teacher that will take them through the school year and beyond!

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I have recently read your book “Testing for Kindergarten” and have recommended the book to my friends, a must have for all parents!!!

I have signed up my 4 year old for the NYC G&T test and trying to find out how many questions there are on the test, and what the break down is between OLSAT and Bracken questions. Also curios about how the scoring is done, whether some questions are weighed more than others… I thank you in advance for your reply!

– Testing Mom 🙂

Comment by Irina Sirota

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