NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

NYC Mother Sues preschool over inadequate ERB-WPPSI OLSAT test prep

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Now’s there yet another reason sites like where you can find over 1,600 pratice questions for OLSAT, Bracken, SB-5, WPPSI and Naglieri are needed by parents when preparing their children for G&T testing.  It’s now even more important for parents to take matters into their own hands when it comes to preparing their child for the ERB-WPPSI and Otis-Lennon School Abilities test. Don’t rely on your high-dollar pre-school on the Upper Eastside to do the job – at least according to this article.

Only in NYC! (at least for now)…here in Manhattan (UES), things are heating up in the competitive NYC school system – especially the NYC Gifted and Talented program.  Anyone who has gone through the grueling process of private school or Gifted & Talented admissions knows that the stakes are high and the pressure is on when it comes testing.  There’s nothing like prep for the E.R.B. – WPPSI (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence – Third Edition) and OLSAT 8 tests to bring on the stress and it’s not surprising when all of this culminates in educators and parents butting heads. 

Well now York Avenue Preschool is facing a tough legal battle against a mother who disagreed with the efficacy of their methods. The lawsuit was filed by a mother who claims that the school did not adequately prep her 4-year-old for the E.R.B.  While York Avenue claims that it’s curriculum is “design to help students on their ERB test.,” Ms. Imprescia felt that her daughter wasn’t being challenged or prepared enough and decided to pull her daughter out of the school in her second year.  York Avenue refused to refund the woman that year’s tuition, so now she is suing them for “exemplary damages, costs and attorney’s fees.”
Expensive private preschools claim that they can help your child score an acceptance to a good private elementary.  So is it fair to argue, as plaintiff Nicole Imprescia has, that if the parent does not see results the parents had hoped for, a refund is in order?  Is a pricy “playroom”–as Imprescia described the York Avenue Preschool–simply an aid in the child’s preparation or should parents expect some guaranteed results in exchange for their $19,000 in tuition?

We don’t know how much Ms. Imprescia investigated into the day-to-day education that her daughter was getting at York Avenue.  But, for $19,000 per year, perhaps the school could have done more to make sure that the child reached a level of preparedness that both satisfied the parents and assured her success. Extra OLSAT test prep and sample questions? Weekly updates on the child’s progress? maybe even some WPPSI sample tests?  If parents choose to put their child’s education in the hands of a school that claims to prepare them for such an extremely critical and competitive process as the private school admissions in NYC, the school could ensure that if the parents are not entirely pleased, they are at least appeased and not scrambling to pull their child out of the program. Why didn’t they just wait until they got the OLSAT test results back from the NYC Dept of Ed?

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