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Furious NYC Parents on Upper West Side Complain About Closing of PS 9 Gifted and Talented School
May 26, 2011, 2:23 pm
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Parents on the UWS are outraged about the announcement of the closing of PS 9 G&T program for incoming kindergarteners next year. Parents had already submitted their G&T school selection for next year and didn’t even know this program was being phased out. The announcement was nicely tucked in the backpacks of students as they headed home from school. Parents who select P.S. 9 gifted and talented school are now more stressed out than they were during the OLSAT practice test season! The New York City department of education’s (that runs the NYC gifted and talented program) Chancellor Dennis Walcott vowed Monday to personally meet with angry and bitter Upper West Side parents over the loss of one of the most popular gifted and talented programs in New York City.

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To anecdotally simplify the paper, these findings are consistent with the Hunter and NEST+m middle school students who started in kindergarten getting crushed by incoming middle-school students from outside.

Comment by caveat bettor

For all you impatient and anxious G&T parents out there: I just called 718-935-2009 and “Angie” told me that placement offers should be sent out by June 17, 2011. Not sure if this means postmarked, or emailed by the morning of…but at least it sounds like something more definitive than a vague “June 2011” timeframe. ;P

Comment by Celeste Tam

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