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What makes a gifted and talented child?
June 14, 2011, 5:01 pm
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Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom (from with over 5,000 practice questions for the OLSAT test, Bracken, WPPSI and more!) and from 30 Minute Mom has a great new radio interview with Dr. Linda Silverman, Director of the Gifted Development Center, on Web Tak Radio. Karen asks Dr. Silverman about a variety of topics; the two-part series is over an hour in length, and is highly recommended.

One of the highlights is Dr. Silverman’s reminder that giftedness can come in many forms. Dr. Silverman asks, “What does this child excel in? Is this a remarkable ability? It could be in building, it could be acting. It could be in writing creative stories or dictating creative stories, it could be in leadership ability. It could be in art.”

Dr. Silverman  is one of the most widely respected experts on gifted children – she has assessed over 6,000 children since 1979 with the Gifted Development Center. Karen’s comprehensive interview covers a range of topics, including gifted and talented programs, testing for boys and girls, and parent involvement with gifted children.

You can hear the two-part interview at the following links:

30 Minute Mom – Is your child gifted? Part 1

30 Minute Mom – Is your child gifted? Part 2

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In NYC, a gifted and talented child is an ordinary, average child whose parents have spent thousands of dollars prepping for a test that any naturally bright child would do well in without any prepping.

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