NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 1

There’s no better way to see the results of tests like the OLSAT and the Bracken than the Gifted and Talented programs that exist in New York City. One such program is Mrs. Zimmerman’s Gifted and Talented class at p.s. 33 Chelsea Prep. We’re dedicating the next few blog posts to Mrs. Zimmerman’s class to show you what can happen for your child once they’ve passed their tests and been accepted into the gifted and talented program; when we spend so much time preparing for the tests, it’s easy to forget why we’re preparing in the first place.

On Mrs. Zimmerman’s website, she talks about her mission and how she helps gifted students realize their full potential. She says,

“Every student (and human) has the right to learn something new every day. Furthermore, a gifted student has as much a right to learn new things on his/her own level as any other student. As a teacher, it is my ethical obligation to ensure that every student is learning every single day.”

She accomplishes this task using interesting projects that challenge the students while also providing creative opportunities for the students to express themselves. One example is their project about Wassily Kandinsky, “the father of abstract art.” Kandinsky’s paintings were used to stress the importance of 2D geometry, and in addition to providing instruction about math, Zimmerman encouraged the students to think about how his paintings would sound like musically. By expanding their range of thought to include musical description of 2D artwork (things not included in the OLSAT practice test), Mrs. Zimmerman encouraged her students to think in a way that is usually reserved for higher education.

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