NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 2

On Thursday, June 23rd, Mrs. Zimmerman’s class from P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep gifted and talented class will hold its end of year publishing party to celebrate a year of academic and artistic achievements of her students. The students will be invited to present their newly published Pourquoi Tales, which they wrote based on folk stories. The event stresses the sharing of students’ work so the students can see that their work is important, inspiring them to work harder in the future.

Says Mrs. Zimmerman , “Education is about the journey, not the destination. Oh no, now I sound like an awful bumper sticker, but the truth there is undeniable. When I approach education as an exciting journey, all of the detours, side-conversations, and student-led explorations become an important part of the learning, not distractions. This approach leaves a world of room for students to nurture and explore their own passions, to grow as socially responsible individuals within a community, and to experience the power of building and uncovering their own truths through exploration.”

When we think about education as a journey, it becomes apparent that the material being taught – though absolutely vital to the child’s educational development – is just one element of your child’s educational experience. The child’s future success will come from not just understanding the material, but understanding why the material matters.

The Pourquoi Tales project is a clear example of this. The project is based on origin-story folk tales, which, in addition to testing reading comprehension, ignite the imagination of the students. This is why the OLSAT test is not just a simple matter of recognizing symbols; the OLSAT test stresses problem-solving, association, and comprehension – what better way to see if a child’s imagination is ready for these kinds of projects?

For more on preparation for the OLSAT test, including OLSAT sample and practice tests, be sure to visit

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