NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 3

Mrs. Zimmerman often lets parents know about the material being taught at her Gifted and Talented class Chelsea Prep P.S. 33 in NYC. For example, for one lesson, the students explored the concept of fractions by using the 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ markings on a standard ruler. The students were taught conceptually about how 4/4=1 and 1/2=2/4, and she found that for many of the students, counting with 1/4s was challenging.

To address this challenge, Mrs. Zimmerman suggested to parents that they go over counting with quarters with their children. She suggested that the parent should start with counting with 1/4s up from 0, and then once the child grasps that concept, to start counting from numbers greater than one. For even more of a challenge, she suggested that the parent should ask their child to count by quarters backwards.

By continuing to challenge the child, the child’s giftedness is continuously expressed. Among several other elements, this is the key difference between a Gifted and Talented program and a normal one – if the child’s comprehension is above average, the amount of challenge that child receives should be above average as well, even above the practice questions on the OLSAT and Bracken tests like those on

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Thank you for keeping us informed! we are starting k in ps 33 this year, and because of your work we know what to expect.

Comment by Lyuda

You’re welcome – the “best kept secret” in NYC is out! PS 33 is now one of the most sought after G&T program in Manhattan!

Comment by NYC Gifted and Talented Parent Expert

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