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Bracken Test Results for NYC G&T Program
November 2, 2011, 10:13 pm
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The Bracken counts for 25% of admissions to the NYC G&T program while the OLSAT counts for the remaining 75%. The Bracken (BSRA) test results are converted to descriptive categories: “advanced” or “delayed”. Since the Bracken exam is a standardized test developed accordingly, in line with strict guidelines and measures, the test results also follows professional testing score guidelines. There are free Bracken practice questions on

Raw scores achieved by the child are converted to percentile scores and later converted to descriptive categories to determine the child’s readiness for school. The Bracken can be given to a child as young as 2 ½ years old until the 2nd grade.

Though it may be of mild concern to some whether said results are reliable, especially considering several factors such as a child’s behavior and attributes upon taking the said exam, this BSRA test is still used throughout the United States as its benefits outweigh the disadvantages presented.

Reliability and validity of these said descriptive categories are measured within the expected ranges based on the age of the examinees. This test authored by Bruce Bracken is a helpful tool in determining the child’s readiness to start school and whether or not the child’s mastery at a certain grade level is appropriate to his age and level.


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