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Unrest at NEST Gifted and Talented Citywide School
October 4, 2012, 3:53 pm
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Well, according to a recent article in Gotham Schools there is much unrest at NEST gifted and talented citywide school located on the lower east-side of Manhattan.  I thought that Gotham Schools was a site that did fact base journalism but it seems they’ve decided to ride the wave of becoming the gossip rag for NYC schools. I’m not one to complain about trash-journalism since this is the kind of juicy stuff all parents (like me!) love to read – especially when it comes to one of the most high-demand public school G&T programs in New York City.  Here are the highlights of the article:

  • Principal Olga Livanis had not soothed relations with the staff after she surprised several of them with “unsatisfactory” ratings. My translation: A principal finally stands up for something other than the teachers unions and gives teachers failing evaluations which may or may not have been deserved.
  • Teachers “boycotted” Curriculum Night where parents come to hear all about what their children are expected to learn this year. Teachers demanded “overtime” to attend this session. My translation:  Teachers once again try to prove a point at the expense of the children and at the expense of parents who are highly engaged with their children’s education.
  • Parents are blaming the administration for all this chaos.

Of course, all of this is speculation on my part. I do find it very interesting that all the NEST+M Gifted and Talented dirty laundry is now being aired across all 5 boroughs. Unfortunately, the big losers in this situation are the students. We’ll see if demand decreases next year for this G&T program based upon the unrest at NEST, but I doubt it

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i was not familiar with the situation at NEST prior to your article, but I am a little concerned with the tone. As a parent of a gifted child, A PA president, a former high school teacher and a current Adjunct professor I am highly sensitized to the fact that most situations are not black and white. While the teachers may seem to be petty for choosing curriculum night to show their stand, had they not the issue would likely have been brushed aside more easily. Sometimes to demand overall respect otherwise unthinkable measures are necessary. Anytime there is a fight between administration and teachers or parents, children suffer but sometimes a deep stand is needed to really set things in perspective.

Comment by Nat

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