NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Fewer Students Qualifed for Gifted and Talented

Well, according to a recent Wall St. Journal article fewer students qualified for gifted and talented spots in New York City.  Here are the highlights from the article:

  • Only 7% of pre-K students who took the NNAT test and OLSAT test got a 99th percentile when compared to last year only 11% received the coveted perfect score.
  • There are only 350+ spots available for five citywide G&T programs going into Kindergarten next year and 1,863 students qualified with a 97th to 99th percentile ranking.
  • It looks like the change to the NYC gifted and talented test helped lower the scores since there was a 13% increase of children qualifying for a district-wide seat. The child must score in the 90th to 96th percentile to qualify for a district wide program in NYC.

The results did come in for members where the average score was 96.4th percentile based upon recent survey for their members.

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Hello michael.. is there any way to know what was the highest score? Or what were the highest normalise test scores

Comment by maria

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