NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

NNAT test score distribution
April 13, 2013, 2:07 pm
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If you look at the NNAT test score distribution for all the kids who took the test going into Kindergarten for 2013 it’s way off compared to what it should be with the predicted distribution. As you can tell, many more children scored in the 90th to 96th percentile than what would be expected in the distribution. What does this tell us about the NNAT-2 test results? Well, a couple of things are possible culprits:

  • 4 year olds in New York City are just plain smarter than the rest of the nation when it comes to gifted and talented testing therefore NYC needs it’s own distribution curve and raising the qualifying score needed for the gifted and talented program.


  • Parents are preparing their kids so they receive a much higher score than the same children would if those same children weren’t prepared.

Sites like Testing Mom  recently reported their members children on average scored in the 96th percentile. So, the question remains is it something in the New York City water that’s making these kids score higher than the rest of the kids in America or is it going into the test more prepared compared to other children their same age that don’t live in NYC?

NNAT distribution

Chart from: The School Boards web site

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