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NYC Department of Education loses 400 test scores

Well, it looks like the NYC Department of Education loses 400 test scores for the NNAT test and OLSAT test that were given to thousands of children this past January and February. I realize there were changes this year but to lose test scores? Good grief!  In the era of modern technology how is this even possible without realizing it 3 days before gifted and talented applications are due by parents. Here’s what one parent said about the missing scores for their son. It’s unimaginable what these parents are going through without any help from the DEO. And the Dept of Ed wonders why people have little faith in their abilities? Well, DOE read this:

My son’s test is missing and no one told me what the issue was. Like the parent in this article I had to make so many phone calls and send way too many e-mails and DOE staff was not helpful at all …. very frustrating! But at least now I know I am not the only one fighting to get my child’s score.

Read the full article here about how 400 test scores are missing.

I also haven’t been impressed with the way the DOE is handing the process this year and at best has given misinformation to parents about the composite scoring dilemma. Oh, you haven’t heard of that fiasco either? Well, in the fall of 2012 the NYC gifted and talented handbook indicated the child’s placement into the G&T program would be based solely on the composite score. The DOE now changed that policy without telling anyone until this week – a few days before the applications are due.

Here’s an article about how getting a perfect score is now not a guarantee for a city-wide seat from the amazing resource for NYC schools on DNAInfo. Another one for the DOE to add to their laundry list of faux pas this testing season.

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Hi my daughter took the gifted and talented test and didn’t get her test results back. Is it something to worry about? What should I do?

Comment by sharmin

Yes, you need to contact the DOE first thing on Monday! Or call this G&T Help Line with questions 1-888-705-9417.

Comment by NYC Gifted and Talented Parent Expert

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