NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

NYC dept of ed miscalculated thousands of test scores

Well, it looks like the NYC dept of ed miscalculated thousands of test scores for the recent gifted and talented exam given to the talented tots in New York City.  This is the third fiasco in the past seven days over the recent test. So, not sure where to begin but here are the highlights that we know so far:

  • Pearson, the publishers of the NNAT-2 test and OLSAT test are the vendor responsible for the G&T assessments. It seems that Pearson made a serious error in calculating students’ results.
  • Here’s the contact person at Pearson, if you feel the need to voice your concerns: Susan Aspey, Public Affairs, or 347-421-2473
  • Families will receive an updated score report and application by April 29, 2013 . The previous application deadline of April 19, 2013 is extended for all families until May 10, 2013.
  • If you already submitted your application you can update your gifted and talented school selection if you’d like but you don’t need to re-submit unless you are changing your choices.
  • The DOE has set up a gifted and talented hot-line if you have questions. Hopefully they’ll actually answer the phone. Here’s the phone number: 1-888-705-9417.
  • You can read all the FAQs and other tidbits on the Dept of Ed website.


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The additional student qualification does not make statistical sense. If a fixed number of students take a test, then 10% is a fixed number. Meaning if you have 10,000 taking the test then 1,000 qualify. If they claim more qualify now than its not the 90th percentile anymore! Furthermore it is highly likely Peason has messed up in the previous years with inaccurate methodology. The purpose of the new test was to limit the high scores, instead they nearly doubled last year.

Comment by Michael Kaushansky

The percentile rank it based upon the national sample when the test was developed so the students taking the test in NYC for gifted and talented are compared to then national sample, not the New York City children. Therefore, many more than 10% of the children taking the NNAT and OLSAT test qualified for a gifted and talented seat.

Comment by NYC Gifted and Talented Parent Expert

I believe what you are saying is true although it is not correct. Statistical theory states that a PROPER sample is representative of the population. Example: a score in the 90th pctline for 100 person sample is 10, using the same score for a 1,000 should give you 100. If that is not the case the sample is not accurate and Pearson is not using statistical methods to calculate scoring. Furthermore, I believe the NYC Board of Ed. is aware. Can you explain how this latest round provides more qualifiers than last year, when the intention was to reduce the count? Are we really going to stand for this, having our taxes be used in such a miscalculated way?

Comment by Michael Kaushansky

Furthermore I would like to raise the concern that the 3 errors they found is all, there very well be more errors that could further remove eligibility. The public needs to be walked through the methodology.

Last year the board of Ed removed the sibling policy but suddenly it reinstated it last October what caused this sort of a abrasive move there’s must be something else to play

Comment by Michael Kaushansky

I am trying to find some information though it is always busy when I call?

Comment by Michael Kaushansky

I heard the deadline is extended yet again. This is ridiculous and I can’t believe even more students qualified. Both Pearson’s and DOE officials getting a hand out from Person’s need to be fired! In would like to gather momentum for a class action I have initial funding if parents want to join who have been materially affected.

Comment by Michael kaushansky

I believe it is data manipulation facilitated by DOE for certain reasons

Comment by Mischa Yakov

Clearly it’s a manipulation with the focus on increasing the size of the lottery to avoid backlash.

Comment by Michael Kaushansky

Will this continuation of pushing the deadline end? Insane. I cannot believe they keep putting more unqualified students into the 99th percentile to fuel their political agenda which we all know what that is!!!!!!

Comment by Michael kaushansky

I would like to understand how these mistakes are found 1 day before the deadline is supposed to expire?

Comment by Michael

I don’t see how prepping for a gifted test make a child gifted. Any child unless they have a learning disability can pass a test with a year or months of prepping. The G&T test should be to test a child’s natural intelligence, that is the only way that it will be fair for all regardless of parental income. I wouldn’t be surprised if the scores were rigged. Money talks!

Comment by Jay TM

It is apparent that Pearson messed up and in fear of backlash they have opened up the flood gates where the program is more of a lottery than gifted. The truth will surface eventually and I would urge the board of education and Pearson to keep the original scores and fix the error for the next Ho around else everyone looses.

Comment by Michael Kaushansky

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