NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Something in the water in District 2 and District 3

Well, it looks like there’s something in the water in District 2 and District 3 in Manhattan! With the recent debacle of the G&T test scores it now looks like there are even more talented tots strolling around the streets of lower Manhattan and the UWS.

I’m not sure how the DOE is going to explain this one, if they will talk to anyone about it that is. Numerous press outlets and upset parents have demanded answers without avail. According the DNA Info article is seems now that over 50% of the kids in both District 2 and 3 qualified for a coveted seat in the NYC gifted and talented program. Not sure how this is even statistically possible considering the NNAT-2 test is supposedly much more difficult than the BSRA test it replaced from years in the past. This makes getting a district-wide seat in District 2 or 3 next to impossible unless your child scores in the 97th percentile or above. has been inundated with disgruntled parents complaining about the ongoing saga created by the Department of Ed. without any satisfactory resolution of the scoring situation.

G&T school tours which were suppose to end two weeks ago have now been extended through this week and school selections from parents are due this Friday, May 10 by midnight.  We’ll see if there’s any more drama that comes up over the next few days. I hope not but at this point nothing would surprise me.

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