NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Will NYC Gifted and Talented Test go to 50 50 split?

Well, rumors are flying around about possible changes to the OLSAT and NNAT-2 test coming up this January and Feburary. Will the NYC gifted and talented test go to 50 50 split? (instead of the 65 35 split like last year). Well, according to a recent article from WNYC about the screw-ups on the scoring of the regents test this quote is nicely tucked at the bottom of the article:

Department of Education spokeswoman Erin Hughes told WNYC that the change was made because the city would be able to get more data on how its students performed.

“Last year, the D.O.E. did not have data on the performance of New York City students” on the Naglieri test, she said.  “For this reason, the D.O.E. used data from the national samples for these tests in the 2012-13 scoring methodology.”

This year, Hughes explained, the city is returning to its old methodology, the Normal Curve Equivalency, and will weight each exam equally.

I suppose we’ll find out when the gifted and talented handbooks are published in the next couple of weeks but after last year’s screw-ups who knows what the Dept. of Ed. will do this year!

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