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NYC private school testing no consistency
March 9, 2014, 9:24 pm
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Well, so long to the ERB test, sort of.  There is now no consistency in the admissions process for private schools in New York City when it comes to testing.  According to a recent article in WSJ online it seems that it’s up to the school to decide if there will be test at all and in some cases it’s not mandatory. Although, in the most competitive schools it would be strongly encouraged for parents to present some sort of test scores for their darling child in the admissions process for the most competitive private schools in New York City.  It seems that each of the private schools are required to come up with their own admissions standards which I suppose sounds good in theory except for those parents applying to 5 to 10 private schools which could become a logistical nightmare in a process that historically has been extremely stressful for parents.

This of course has no impact on the NYC gifted and talented admissions process although parents applying to Kindergarten G&T programs and private schools could possibly encounter an array of testing from the OLSAT, NNAT-2 test, Stanford-Binet, WPPSI-IV (ERB) and any other assessment that comes into play for this new group of 4 years olds vying for a spot in the most competitive school systems in the world.

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