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More reviews of Testing Mom
March 28, 2017, 3:35 pm
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I’ve been doing more reviews of Testing Mom and wanted to outline their incredible membership offering they have for any parent no matter what your budget. The enormous offering is by far what you can get anywhere else online.

Here are all of the goodies you get with your Testing Mom Fast Track membership. This membership is geared for the busy, do-it-yourself parent of a pre-K student through 8th grade student. All of their online resources include stress-free test prep and online skill building resources.

  • Over 100,000 practice questions, online games and printables for the most popular tests from Pre-K to 8th Grade.
    • CogAT®, OLSAT® test, NNAT®-2 test and 3, ITBS, NYC Gifted, Houston, Chicago, state assessments, common core and dozens more!
  • Skill Building Academy for Pre-K to 8th Grade
    • Full access to 40 top educational resources! Your kids can learn math, reading, ELA, science, social studies, chess, keyboarding and much more! Over a $1,000 value included FREE with your Fast Track Membership. Keep the momentum high and instill a love of learning.
  • Kindergarten readiness, parent resources and more
    • No matter whether you’re preparing your toddler for kindergarten or a 5th grader for middle school, they have the resources and tools for school and testing success.
  • The best part of Testing Mom is one membership covers your entire household! You don’t get punished if you have more than one child.

You can start today with 100 free questions at Testing Mom.

NYC asked to release more data on schools
March 2, 2017, 6:50 pm
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According to the NY Times, councilman Bill Kallos, is proposing a new bill for the city to do deep dive into reporting of student information for public record. The NYC Dept of Ed. already posts on school capacity and whether a public school has too few or too many students. The councilman is proposing that residency information is also included. The impact of this is to not only tell what local kids are attending schools but also where NYC G&T students are coming from within their district or in the case of city wide programs where these students are commuting from. Many local residents complain that their child didn’t get a G&T seat because it was given to students who don’t even live near the school.  Mr. Kallos hopes that this new bill will increase more diversity within the NYC school systems since many neighborhoods are segregated by socio-economic class and by race.

Pretty much all of the citywide and district wide G&T programs are jammed pack since parents are vying for so few spots with so many children making the qualifying score. Many of these same parents have decent gen ed programs in their neighborhood although they are seeking an even better education for their talented tot. That’s why so many parents in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan their young child for the NYC Gifted and Talented test and anxiously await the test results that arrive each April. Here’s some good info on the NYC Gifted and Talented Test along with tons of practice questions.

Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island NYC Gifted and Talented Test Prep

Manhattan has been the mecca of the NYC Gifted and Talented test prep

Although, there is a high-demand for practice questions in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island Gifted and Talented Test Prep. And the Bronx is also seeing a slight increase in parents preparing their talented tots. Although Staten Island has 6 district wide programs for the G&T program there currently is no citywide program there and in the Bronx. Many parents use private tutors to help their child succeed on the OLSAT and NNAT-2 tests while some use workbooks. The good news is there’s an online tool from Testing Mom that has tons of free practice questions for the NYC gifted and talented.

If you live in Queens, parents there are fighting the DOE to keep the policy of automatic admissions for middle school if the child is in the G&T program in elementary school. Here’s a quote from a mom who has a child attending the gifted and talented program in Queens:

Even in kindergarten, the homework workload is just over the top,” she said. “The kids who are there by fifth grade belong in the G&T program,” she added. “These kids work so hard.”

I suppose she’s inferring that other kids in non-G&T classroom don’t work hard and don’t deserve automatic placement like her darling child? Hmmmm. In my opinion, students applying to middle school should all be on the same playing field. If they are looking at state scores, report cards and teacher reports then shouldn’t G&T students already have an advantage? Seems that way to me.

Here’s the list of the gifted and talented citywide programs and any student who receives a qualifying score in any of the boroughs can apply to one of these very popular programs.

Borough District Location School Name
Manhattan 1 Lower East Side New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math – NEST + M
Manhattan 3 Upper West Side The Anderson School
Manhattan 4 Far Upper East Side TAG Young Scholars 
Brooklyn 20 Bensonhurst Brooklyn School Of Inquiry
Queens 30 Flushing The 30th Avenue School

More parents give their Testing Mom reviews

More and more parents give their Testing Mom reviews on the internet!

Most are very positive and seems to have a personal beef with the Testing Mom. Not sure what’s going on with that relationship although it struck me as quite odd. Here’s an excerpt of their review of the Testing Mom program:

I think of testingmom as the first semester of test prep.   A few months before the test, we switched to ridiculously hard oddball brain teasers that I found in a variety of places.   I expected about 50% correct.  If you are subscribing to testingmom a month before the test, cover the intro material and skip right to the really hard questions related to the test you are going to take.  You will find these on the site, just not 20,000 of them.

Here are a couple more excerpts from reviews of Testing Mom online test prep program that are pretty positive.

This one is from mommy blogger: The Educators Spin On It

My youngest just started Kindergarten this year. I started teaching Kindergarten in 1997 and in almost 20 years quite a bit has changed when it comes to Kindergarten testing and even in Kindergarten Curriculum. I know this causes quite a bit of anxiety in parents. In this video, Karen Quinn, cofounder of, addresses the difference between tests given for kindergarten admissions and kindergarten readiness. Karen discusses the similarities and differences among IQ tests, achievement tests, and readiness tests. If your child is getting ready to enter kindergarten, a gifted and talented program, or a private school, this video is a must-watch.

This one is from mommy blogger: Love, Peace and Tiny Feet is a fully accredited online education and test prep program for students Pre-K to 8th Grade. Their online educational program was designed by parents (with the support of education professionals) to help other parents and their kids aged Pre-K through 8th grade develop a lifelong love of learning.Through the site, you get immediate access to award-winning learning programs from the top names in education to help enrich your child’s abilities overall or in any subject area they are struggling with. These include Printables, practice tests and interactive games – just whatever you find your child responds best to.

Schools punish students who opt out of common core testing
December 6, 2016, 4:56 pm
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Well, it looks like schools punish students who opt out of common core testing. At least according to this Washington Post hit piece. From Florida to California schools are retaliating against younger and older students on a variety of fronts. This ranges from holding back the younger kids to exclude high school students from early college prep programs. According to federal law school districts need to maintain a 95% test taker rate to keep the federal funds rolling in. Anything less than that the districts will be punished by reduced funding. If the schools get punished it seems it’s trickling down to the student level to increase test taking participation rates for the state common core test. In Buffalo, N.Y., for instance, kids applying to competitive middle schools who opted-out of common core testing were shut-out from the application process and even some private schools shut-out middle school students from applying due to no common core test scores. This goes against the NY State Legislature that past this amendment in 2014:

“[N]o school district shall make any student promotion or placement decisions based solely or primarily on student performance on the state administered standardized English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments for grades three through eight. However, a school district may consider student performance on such state assessments provided that the school district uses multiple measures in addition to such assessments and that such assessments do not constitute the major factor in such determinations.” NYS Education Law, Section 305, subdivision 47.

Don’t like common core? Here’s a video to support your point a view. Due to the recent election and President-elect Trump’s pledge to abolish the common core this may be much ado about nothing at this point in time.

Reviews for Testing Mom
November 16, 2016, 12:34 pm
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The folks over at Testing Mom (home of the 100 free questions) have received tons of great reviews from parents across the nation who have used their test prep materials for OLSAT, NNAT-2, CogAT, Stanford-Binet and dozens more tests!  If you’re a frequent reader of this blog you know I’m a huge proponent of their online test prep and skill building that goes from pre-K to 8th grade. If you don’t believe me, then read these reviews from moms who have used the program over the past few months.

Crystal who writes a great blog called Surviving on a Teacher’s Salary says this about Testing Mom:

“Your kids can unwind from a long day at school by watching educational films, listening to public radio programs specifically designed for kids, and even read about current events! It’s a safe zone my kids can decompress in every day and help carry their learning through the summer.”

Another mom named Tracie who blogs on Penny Pinchin Mom said this about her experience with the program:

“This site is so much more than tests and websites. As we are digging our heels in and learning more, we have figured out that my kids can read about current events. They can play chess and even learn computer programming.

When I saw my son able to focus and see my youngest online “having fun”, I knew that this site had hit it out of the park. knows that education is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. As a parent, I completely agree with this.”


NYC dept of ed changes gifted and talented information sessions

The NYC dept of ed changes gifted and talented information sessions for NYC parents. The sessions were previously held one time in each of the 5 boroughs. This year they will be hosting these seminars in each of the districts sprinkled throughout the city. Keep in mind, these sessions aren’t solely focused on the G&T program where they review OLSAT and NNAT-2 practice questions. These seminars also include pre-K and kindergarten (general ed.) information for parents considering these programs as well. Here are some practice questions for the OLSAT test and NNAT-2 test.

Here’s the schedule for November 2016:


District Date Time Location
District 1 Thursday, December 1 6-8pm P.S. 134 Henrietta Szold

293 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002

District 2 Wednesday, November 9 6-8pm M.S. 260 Clinton School for Writers and Artists

10 East 15th Street 
New York, NY 10003

District 3 Thursday, November 10 6-8pm P.S. 333 Manhattan School for Children

154 W 93rd Street 
New York, NY 10025

District 4 Thursday, November 17 4:30-7:30pm The Tito Puente Complex

240 E 109th Street 
New York, NY 10029

District 5 Monday, November 7 6-8pm P.S. 092 Mary McLeod Bethune

222 West 134 Street 
New York, NY 10030

District 6 Wednesday, November 9 6-8pm P.S./I.S. 210 Twentyfirst Century Academy For Community Leadership

501-503 West 152 Street New York, NY 10031

District 7 Wednesday, November 9 6-8pm P.S. 065 Mother Hale Academy

677 East 141 Street Bronx, NY 10454

District 8 Monday, November 7 6-8pm P.S. 119

1075 Pugsley Avenue Bronx, NY 10472

District 9 Thursday, November 10 6-8pm P.S./I.S. 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School

1220 Gerard Avenue Bronx, NY 10452

District 10 Thursday, November 17 6-8pm P.S. 279 Captain Manuel Rivera, Jr.

2100 Walton Avenue Bronx, NY 10453

District 11 Monday, November 14 6-8pm P.S./M.S. 194

2365 Waterbury Avenue Bronx, NY 10462

District 12 Thursday, November 17 6-8pm P.S. 214

1970 West Farms Road Bronx, NY 10460

District 13 Tuesday, November 15 6:30-8:30pm P.S. 133 William A. Butler

610 Baltic Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

District 14 Thursday, November 17 6-8pm P.S. 110 The Monitor

124 Monitor Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

District 15 Monday, November 14 6-8pm P.S. 24

427 38 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11232

District 16 Tuesday, November 1 6-8pm P.S. 308 Clara Cardwell

616 Quincy Street Brooklyn, NY 11221

District 17 Wednesday, November 9 6-8pm P.S. 770 The New American Academy

60 E.94th Street  Brooklyn,  NY 11212

District 18 Tuesday, November 1 6-8pm P.S. 66

845 East 96 Street Brooklyn, NY 11236

District 19 Thursday, November 10 6-8pm P.S. 013 Roberto Clemente

557 Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11207

District 20 Tuesday, November 15 6-8pm Franklin D. Roosevelt High School

5800 20th Avenue Brooklyn, New  York 11204

District 21 Monday, November 7 6-8pm I.S. 096 Seth Low

99 Avenue P Brooklyn, NY 11204

District 22 Monday, November 14 6-8pm P.S. 222 Katherine R. Snyder

3301 Quentin Road Brooklyn, NY 11234

District 23 Tuesday, November 1 6-8pm P.S. 156K Waverly School of the Arts

104 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11212

District 24 Wednesday, November 16 6-8pm P.S. 110

43-18 97th Place Queens, NY 11368

District 25 Monday, November 14 6-8pm I.S. 025 Adrien Block

34-65 192 Street Queens, NY 11358

District 26 Wednesday, November 16 6-8pm P.S./I.S. 266

74-10 Commonwealth Boulevard Queens, NY 11426

District 27 Monday, November 14 6-8pm M.S. 137 America’s School Of Heroes

109-15 98 Street Queens, NY 11417

District 28 Monday, November 7 6-8pm P.S. 182 Samantha Smith

153-27 88th Avenue Queens, NY 11432

District 29 Tuesday, November 1 6-8pm P.S. 035 Nathaniel Woodhull

191-02 90 Avenue Queens, NY 11423

District 30 Thursday, November 17 6-8pm The Woodside Community School

39-07 57th Street Queens, NY 11377

District 1 Thursday, November 10 6-8pm Space Shuttle Columbia

77 Marsh Avenue 
Staten Island, NY 10314

District 32 Monday, November 7 6-8pm P.S. 376

194 Harman Street Brooklyn, NY 11237