NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Parents mad about number of gifted and talented rejection letters

Well, it looks like there are many parents mad about the number of gifted and talented rejection letters sent out this year, even those who received scores in the 99th percentile.  According to the article in DNA Info:

  • Siblings received 72 out of the 304 spots available for the city-wide gifted and talented Kindergarten programs. With the sibling preference, the sibling only has to score in the 97th percentile to get into the city-wide and is placed ahead of the non-siblings test takers who got a 98th or even 99th percentile ranking.  This means the siblings took approximately 23% of the available seat in the city-wide G&T Kindergarten program.
  • This also means that 2,755 non-siblings now fight over the remaining 232 available spots which is approximately 8% acceptance rate.
  • The department of ed. added even more gifted and talented seats wih 10 more kindergarten sections across the city but the number of offers made to families dramatically decreased from 82.7 percent last year to 68.5 percent. This is for both city-wide and district-wide programs combined. This is also due to the fact the DOE stopped guaranteeing seats this year for any qualifying child going into Kindergarten and first grade.

To put  all of this into perspective here are the acceptance rates at the Ivy League Colleges:

Well, if these numbers aren’t scary for parents I’m not sure what is.  The good news is  sites like Testing Mom can help prepare children for the NNAT-2 test and OLSAT test for the NYC gifted and talented program.