NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Does the NYC gifted and talented program pave way to the specialized high schools?
May 5, 2017, 5:19 pm
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Does NYC G&T program mean specialized high school entry?

The great debate continues! According to an article Chalk Beat getting your 4-year-old placed in a gifted program in kindergarten may lead the way for their future high school admissions into one of the NYC specialized high schools.

These schools include:

The gifted and talented program that spans all 5 boroughs for grades kindergarten through 5th grade only make up 30% of black or Hispanic students. Although, the overall student population for these two groups is 70%. This disparity is even more drastic as students enter into high school and take the SSHAT test for one of the specialized high schools. These schools only compromise 10% of black and Hispanic students.

Is the NYC G&T Program a “gateway drug” to the specialized high schools? It seems that out of 357 students who did attend citywide gifted middle schools from 2011 to 2015 that 1/3 of those were admitted to specialized high schools. When looking at the demographic information of those 357, 40% where of Asian or white and 14% were Hispanic or black students. ¬†Even high achieving students who are black or Hispanic are less likely to get a seat at a specialized high school. Granted, this is a non-scientific analysis and there could be other contributing factors in play. The takeaway is the breakdown seems to happen middle school. ¬†With 530 middle schools in the city 60% of 7th graders who went to a specialized school were from only 45 middle schools. Most of these 45 were specialized middle schools (code word for gifted and talented programs).