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Hunter Gifted and Talented Cut-off Test Scores Released
December 18, 2013, 7:07 pm
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Well, Hunter gifted and talented cut-off test scores were released to thousands for parents last week. What seemed like an eternity came to an abrupt end as the cut-off score for the Stanford Binet V test was a mere 144. When compared to previous years this is the lowest we’ve seen.  Good news for some parents and not-so-good for others as their darling sons and daughters now have to jockey for a coveted city in the NYC gifted and talented program which begins testing here in just a few weeks.

I did receive from photos from a parent who got their precious child tested for Hunter and received some interesting photos from the doctor’s office where the child was tested for the Stanford Binet test.  I thought many parents in NYC would find it interesting to see the type of office and also the disclaimer form they make parents sign when they arrive with their darling daughter or son.

hunter application

Hunter test application at the psychologist office before the child enters the lion’s den to be poked and prodded with countless questions on the Stanford-Binet. Even though the 144 is the lowest cut-off point in years it’s still a very high threshold for all the darling children taking the test this year.


Dec. 5, 2016 Update – There were a couple of photos on this page that were removed. This nervous psychologist requested photos of the office be removed (even though there was no person in any of the images). Makes me wonder what this person has to hide? Trying to keep incognito while they judge toddlers from ages 3 to 4? What’s the big deal? There was no personal identifiable information in any of these photos but I suppose I’ll be nice this time. Hopefully this person will be nice in return and make sure everyone that is tested in their reign is given a fair and balanced assessment.

The photos that were removed contained images of an outdated/dark/dreary office with worn furniture and looked eerily similar to a funeral home where loved ones gather to grieve a loss. I suppose the office is acceptable considering the deeds that are conducted in the premises although I didn’t see any mini-bar. I’m sure parents need a drink while they wait on pins and needles for their child to emerge after being judged by a complete stranger. Although maybe the tester has a stash of whiskey and vodka hidden under the desk for in between tests? Of course, just joking.

I’m sure moms and dads bite their nails while waiting for a psychologist who has a bunch of letters after their name and forcing the parents to wait up to 2 hours! Oh yeah, want to bring your spouse or significant other to the test? Leave them at Starbucks or at home – only ONE parent allowed – so much for the nuclear family. Or maybe this is the strategy to “divide and conquer” all in the name of a lowering the child’s test score? Who knows! I’m sure there have been quite a few arguments among parents as who will go into the waiting area. Flip a coin? Or maybe rock, paper, scissors? Or race from the subway and whoever gets there first wins? Anyway, these poor kids! All done at the ripe old age of 4. Judge and jury of one – the tester!

Need practice questions for the Stanford Binet to get into Hunter? Go to to start with 100 free sample test questions.