NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Parent tells all about gifted and talented testing
January 12, 2014, 3:43 pm
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I received the email below from Testing Mom (the site where you get 100 free practice questions for gifted and talented testing) from a parent tells all about gifted and talented testing. I though it was so insightful of this mother to outline in great detail about her experience with the testing site where her son took the NYC gifted and talented test.  Here’s what she had to say according to the email I received:

I wanted to let you know my son took the test this past Saturday. We went to the school and my son was actually very calm. I took your advice about visiting the school a couple of times prior to test day so it wasn’t foreign to him when we arrived for the test. I told him we were there so he could talk to a teacher and tell her everything a 4 year old knows! (another great tip!). He was so excited about telling someone all he knew. We waited in the school auditorium which was well over half full. Overall, it was pretty quiet and not much noise. After 15 minutes of waiting the testing proctor came out and took my son with her. She seemed nice enough as nice goes for New York City. My son was fine leaving with her and was in the room for 42 minutes. I sat nervously in the waiting area and had a brief conversation with another mom. She said her daughter was taking the test as well and she was very nervous because she didn’t practice at all. As she ended her sentence her daughter came running toward her crying and screaming. The test proctor said she started crying and wouldn’t stop. She was only in the test room for 10 minutes which obviously meant she didn’t do well on the test. The mom then went to the lady checking people in and had a conversation with her. I’m not sure what transpired after that but I was so thankful I had done my due diligence for my son to make sure he was comfortable going with a stranger taking a test. When my son came out he ran up to me all smiles and said he was ready to go play! I was so relieved. I then looked around for the woman and her daughter but they had already left the testing place. I don’t know what happened to her and I keep wondering if that little girl would have had a little guidance and preparation from her mom prior to taking the test the outcome would have been so much different. I wonder if she’ll be able to re-take the test or not. Do you know? Now the waiting game begins as we wait for my son’s test scores. I’m sure he did well but you never know. What I do know is that he walked into a testing situation comfortable and confident thanks to your site.

Wow! What a great story from this mom who gave us play by play as to what her experience was in Brooklyn. She’ll now have to wait 2 months before she gets the G&T test results back from the Dept. of Ed. I wish we could find out what happened to that poor little girl from the story and if she was able to re-test or not.