NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Gifted and Talented Testing Used for Younger Children
July 29, 2011, 11:36 am
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In recent years, gift and talented test methods have been used with younger and younger children. The idea behind such testing is to identify those students who are advanced in skills and abilities will need special programs in order to further hone their education. The theory is that children who are identified as gifted at a young age will be better served by early identification and placement in a gifted and talented program.

Today’s gifted and talented testing for children prior to, or shortly after entrance to, kindergarten has many parents interested in free gifted and talented test practice or sample test resources. They want to be able to provide their children the chance to practice and become familiar with the G&T test methods before sitting for the actual examination, ideally improving their kid’s chance of getting into a G&T or GATE program.

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G & T Test Changes

Changes to the G&T test methods used in many schools has lead to many more students qualifying for gifted and talented programs. Some believe these changes more accurately reflect the number of students who should be a part of these programs. Others believe the changes have lead to less valid or useful gifted and talented testing for children.

There has also been the argument that gifted and talented practice test or sample test options now so easily accessible by students have skewed results, leading to more students making it into gifted programs that might otherwise have been able to do so. The fact is that online gifted tests and similar practice or sample tests made available to students through private tutors and school sponsored programs do help more kids perform well on formal exams. They may help level the playing field for students in some areas, as well.

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Advancements in Gifted and Talented Testing for Kids

In the past, many schools have struggled to find gifted and talented testing for kids that would accurately measure which students should be placed in G & T programs. Today’s testing programs have been greatly advanced to provide a more accurate measure for students with advanced skills and aptitudes.

Though there is still some argument regarding the use of practice tests and gifted and talented sample tests by some students giving them some advantage over other students, today’s measures are generally considered to be more accurate and reliable measures than any used in past decades, especially those from the 1970s and 1980s when gifted and talented testing for children was still in its infancy.

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End of School at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep Gifted and Talented 1st Grade Class Publishing Party!

Wow – what a school year it has been! With the OLSAT test and Bracken test behind us and school selection complete, things at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep completed the year with a “big bang” for the first grade gifted and talented class with the amazing Mrs. Zimmerman leading the charge as the G&T teacher.  There were no OLSAT practice questions hanging on the wall – you can get those at!  Check out the photos below that will give you a better understanding of the difference between gifted and talented curriculum and general ed. – the photos speak for themselves.

The year ended with a “publishing party” where all the students got the opportunity to read their books to students from other classes and also to their parents! All I can say is every parent was mesmerized by the breadth and depth of knowledge each of the students in this gifted and talented class at PS 33 obtained this year. After reviewing some of the students books, I took a look around the class at all the items hanging on the wall that Mrs. Zimmeran (G&T teacher at P.S. 33) created. I get this questions quite a bit about the curriculum of the program for the NYC gifted and talented program so I thought I’d show you the pictures I took of the material that was covered this school year in my daughter’s first grade G&T class.  All of the items were familiar to me but most I was never exposed to until 4th or 5th grade – some even later. Again, I can’t say enough wonderful things about the G&T program at P.S. 33 and the principal Linore Lindy and her incredible teachers that give so much to the students.  I’m so spoiled now that I’m not even sure what to expect next year as my daughter enters 2nd grade at this wonderful school. Based upon the response I’ve received over the past couple of months, the best kept G&T secret in NYC is out of the bag and it’s called Chelsea Prep – the NEST of the West!

Bracken practice test questions? No, these are the spelling words and pronunciation of the long "a"!

The writing process for their stories the students wrote.

Questions to ask when reading chapter books.

Technology has its place at P.S. 33 G&T program - unbelievable this is first grade folks!

G&T students showing off their books and reading aloud to one another.

OLSAT sample question - well, maybe for a 6th grader!

Polygons in first grade? Wow - only at PS 33 gifted and talented program!

Polygons are the new circle! Is this on the Bracken test?

P.S. Chelsea Prep students read to their books to parents

More math fun at ps 33 gifted and talented program first grade.

Geography lessons with hand made maps by the gifted and talented class.

Making Bill Gates proud - PCs in the gifted and talented class room at Chelsea Prep.

I don't know much about biology but the kids at PS 33 gifted and talented first grade do!

Geometry in first grade? Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore!