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NYC gifted and talented placements
May 31, 2016, 4:38 pm
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NYC Gifted and Talented Test Scores Released

Well, letters and emails are on there way for parents as the NYC gifted and talented placements have been determined by the NYC Dept. of Ed. It looks like the DOE lowered the amount of kids getting offer letters based upon past years’ acceptance rates. Here is the breakdown according to the DOE:

  • This year, 8,220 students applied for a seat, compared to 7,242 applications last year
  • 69.5 percent (2,507 students) of applying kindergartners received an offer for a seat, a decrease from 79.8 percent (2,901 students) last year
  • In total, 53.4 percent of applicants (4,392 students) received an offer, down from 66.2 percent (4,792 students) last year
  • The decrease in the total number of offers is due to an adjustment in the G&T enrollment process, and does not reflect any significant decrease in the number of gifted and talented seats available or projected enrollment for next school year.
  • Example: In 2015 even though 4,792 students received offers, only 2,941 accepted their offers. In 2014, 4,832 students received offers, and only 2,926 accepted their offers.

nyc gifted talented test results

NYC Dept of Ed expanding gifted and talented program
May 5, 2016, 1:48 pm
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Well, it looks like the NYC Dept of Ed expanding gifted and talented program to underrepresented districts is coming to fruition. According to the NY Times, the Bronx and Brooklyn will garner these gifted and talented programs. District 7 and 12 in the Bronx along with districts 16 and 23 in Brooklyn will all gain a G&T program starting next year. After these programs are open it will mean that every district in the city will have at least one gifted and talented program for students in elementary school.  The deadline for parents to submit their NYC G&T applications for the fall 2016 school year was last night at midnight. After the DOE mulls over the applications and number of actual offers it extends to parents and their talented tots it will help the DOE evaluate the demand of the programs by district. Unfortunately, many parents will be disappointed when they get their placement since many (if not most) won’t get their preference (or placement at all). This is simply due to the good ole’ economic concept of supply and demand. In this case, there are very little supply of G&T seats and the demand it through the roof. Hopefully, the DOE will find the space to add more seats to this very popular program for NYC parents.