NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

New York City not the only ones taking OLSAT test
March 31, 2016, 3:29 pm
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Well, it looks like the kids in New York City aren’t the only ones taking the OLSAT test for admissions into gifted programs. Out in California, there’s a program in Davis called AIM which also uses the OLSAT test for admissions into their gifted program. According to the article, it looks like 10% of the third grade students (56 out of 543) who took the OLSAT test scored high enough to be in the Davis School District’s AIM program.

As with the NYC Gifted and Talented test, the scores seem to be skewed in favor of children of Caucasian and Asian descent with very few Latino and African-Americans being represented as those who qualified. The Davis school board is now questioning if the OLSAT test is the right type of test to qualify kids for this particular gifted program in Davis. This has also been the ongoing debate in NYC where the NNAT-2 non-verbal test was introduced a few years ago but the outcomes of the the distribution of qualified students by ethnicity have remained virtually unchanged (mostly white and Asian and very few Latino and African American students).

Gifted and talented program headed to district 16
March 28, 2016, 4:55 pm
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New Gifted and Talented Program coming to Brooklyn

Well, the parents in Bed-Stuy are breathing a sigh of relief after it was recently announced a new G&T program will be heading their way in fall of 2016 school year for elementary schools. In the fall of 2017 school year their will be a new gifted and talented program for middle school students. This area has already been underrepresented when it comes to gifted and talented programs. This chancellor suggested the program for the elementary school start under a new model for 3rd grade students instead of kindergarten level. Although, most parents want their talented tots to start the program as early as possible with some even demanding their be a new pre-K G&T program introduced in all five boroughs.  It looks like the vote will take place in April as to whether or not the plan moves forward with the initiation of this new G&T program for the students in this district.