NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Hunter Elementary Test Results Require a 148 or above on Stanford-Binet to qualify for second round
December 29, 2011, 6:23 pm
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In case you didn’t hear, Hunter Elementary Gifted and Talented school in NYC announced that a child must receive a  score of148 (or above)  on the Stanford-Binet to qualify for the second round which is in-school visit coming up in a few short weeks. The 148 is actually lower than the 149 score required for the admissions into the most competitive kindergarten in the US.  Getting to the second round is actually the easiest part of the process as now parents have to put their child in a room of other ultra-bright kids in NYC who scored 148 or above. At that point in time, their child becomes the average student for the first time in their life. Their peers the little ones will encounter during the second round are just as bright and intelligent – at least by what the results of the SB-5 indicated. The second round at Hunter usually consists of 250+ students who are then separated into groups of 20-25 per session. Yes, it’s a long process but actually probably the best method to select children for this program as there are various tools and techniques such as the Standford-Binet IV and in-school evaluation.  Many parents are going through the gifted and talented process here in NYC and are now preparing for the upcoming OLSAT test that’s only 10 short days away for our talented tots. You can get free OLSAT practice questions on

Update on the NYC Gifted and Talented Testing Schedule
December 6, 2011, 12:33 pm
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According to the NYC dept. of ed here is an update on the gifted and talented test dates.

  • Private school and current Pre-K students will be notified of their test date by the Department of Education in mid-December.
  • Public school students will receive notification of the test date from their school.

Read more about the test on where you can get 50 free practice questions. As reminder, OLSAT test results will be sent to parents in early May.